Achieve stronger pelvic floor muscles with BTL EMSELLA®


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Do you struggle with urinary incontinence and find yourself often needing to go to the bathroom? These are common problems that many women face as they get older, after childbirth or the menopause, but we know that these issues can have a detrimental effect on your quality of life, going on to affect your self-confidence and stop you from taking part in certain events or activities. That’s why we’ve recently introduced the ground-breaking BTL EMSELLA® chair within our new Grace Belgravia clinic.

Completely non-invasive treatment to strengthen your pelvic floor

You can say goodbye to ineffective or intrusive incontinence products and invasive procedures. Using electromagnetic energy to initiative deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation, a single session using the revolutionary EMSELLA® chair will bring thousands of pelvic-floor contractions to help you train your muscles – with no effort or invasive techniques involved. All you need to do is sit on the chair, fully clothed, and relax for 28 minutes.

After usually just two to three weeks of treatment, your confidence will be transformed as your bladder and pelvic muscle control is restored. Following treatment, many patients report a significant reduction in their need to use pads for managing their condition.

Revolutionary technology to change lives

At River Aesthetics, we believe everyone deserves to feel like the very best version of themselves and our mission is to empower your inner confidence, so we are thrilled to bring this treatment to our Grace Belgravia clinic and hope to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

If you are living with urinary incontinence and bladder issues that leave you feeling self-conscious, embarrassed or unable to take part in everyday activities, book a consultation with us today to see how EMSELLA® can help you.

For more information about EMSELLA®, see our full treatment page.