Collagen: The Powerful Protein Naturally Produced by Our Body

Collagen: The Powerful Protein Naturally Produced by Our Body

Collagen is our most abundant structural protein making up one-third of the protein in our bodies. This means it’s the main framework for our cells and tissues, providing structure, strength and support throughout our body – a bit like the glue that holds everything together.

With its remarkable strength and versatility, collagen contributes to the functioning and well-being of various body systems, including the skin, bones, tendons, and more.

Collagen keeps the skin around the face looking young. It provides strength, elasticity, and hydration that all make for a visibly youthful complexion.

This helps your skin to look:

  1. Firm and smooth
  2. Healthy glow
  3. Supple skin that bounces back
  4. Dewy and plump
  5. The delicate eye area looks bright and revitalised.

Our collagen levels are highest when we are young, which is why children have such smooth skin! As we mature, collagen production naturally slows down. As early as our 20s, our collagen levels deplete by about 1% every year. From then on, our bodies can’t replace the collagen we lose as quickly as it breaks down. The collagen fibres also become thinner and weaker.

But this is where the team at River Aesthetics can help!


By using a ‘micro-needling’ delivery method, the skin is penetrated with 24 coated pins delivering radiofrequency deep into the dermis and subdermal tissue. The micro lesions trigger the body’s natural healing response to produce new collagen, moulding the fat beneath the skin to tighten and contract the fat and connective tissue.

Thread Lift

A thread lift is a non-surgical and minimally invasive aesthetic treatment that rejuvenates skin and helps to treat signs of ageing, restore volume, and reduce wrinkles. The procedure involves inserting specialised surgical threads into the soft tissues which are then pulled tight to lift and contour the skin.

In addition to the initial lifting results from the treatment, the threads trigger the body’s natural healing response by stimulating collagen regeneration and encouraging continued volume & tightness long after the thread dissolves. As a result, the face is redefined, and the effects of ageing are significantly reduced.

Morpheus8 and Thread Lift treatments are available at our clinics in Bournemouth, Lymington, and London. Fill-in our online enquiry form here or give us a call on 0330 822 2871 to book a consultation with one of our expert medical practitioners.

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