RiverTox Revolutionary New Treatment For Acne

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RiverTox Revolutionary New Treatment For Acne

New Haute Couture Treatment For Acne “RiverTox” at River Aesthetics

Dr Manning discusses Micro Botox, Intradermal Botox is becoming a solution for people suffering from acne.
For some, Botulinum Toxin seems to be the cure to fight against the onset of aging, but what about combating acne?

Botulinum Toxin is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles to help improve moderate to severe wrinkles. This non-surgical treatment works by paralysing nerve impulses, which in turn reduces the activity of the muscles that causes wrinkles.

Toxin is used for more than just cosmetic purposes. It can be used to treat incontinence, muscle spasms and excess sweating.

Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward both cosmetic doctors at River Aesthetics in the New Forest are two of the few doctors using Botox as acne treatment in the UK

“Botox definitely clears up acne,” Dr Woodward said


Instead of administering the treatment deep into the muscles tiny amounts of botulinum toxin are injected Intradermally directly into the skin to eliminate large pores, oil production and acne breakouts. By suppressing oil production and inhibiting inflammation.

Acne occurs when an individual’s sebaceous glands, located in the skin, produce and release an excessive amount of sebum into the skin’s pores. Bacteria then use the sebum as food and reproduce causing one’s pores to become inflamed forming spots.

According to Dr. Manning, ‘Botox‘ prevents the production of the sebum, which in turn starves the bacteria that causes acne.

She believes one of the ways ‘Botox’ works is by blocking the chemical acetycholine in the skin’s dermis. Acetycholine is responsible for increasing the sebum production. Also the treatment paralyzes the tiny erector pili muscles that surround the skin’s pores leading them to expand.

Frequently asked questions

How does it work on large pores?

Skin contains tiny muscles that control the size of our pores. The Botox works on these muscles to temporarily weaken them. This action combined with the skin tightening effects of Botox causes the pores to reduce in size. It is important to note that Intradermal Botox reduces the size & appearance of the pores – it does not eliminate them.

The doctors state that the treatment is not meant for everyone. The clinic currently doesn’t treat under 18s with this new off label technique.

How does it work on Oily Skin?

skin contains tiny glands that produce oil and sweat. In people who have excess oil or sweat production the Intradermal Botox is able to reduce both the excess oil and sweat production leaving skin with a healthy appearance.

How does it work on Acne marks?

There are many types of acne and many factors that cause it. Treating Acne requires a multi-pronged approach to address all these factors. One factor is excess oil production which Botox can reduce. Another important factor is inflammation – this causes the red and brown marks that Acne can cause. Intradermal Botox reduces this inflammation and give your skin a chance to heal while resolving the red and brown marks ( Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).

How long does it last?

Our Clinical experience shows that the results last 4-6months. Similar to when Botox is used for wrinkles, some patients like to get injections at shorter intervals (3 months)

Does it hurt?

Dr. Manning uses a very small needle and gentle injection technique to help her patients be very comfortable during this procedure. Various anaesthetic techniques can be used to numb any areas that are to be injected. Patients are surprised by how comfortable the whole process can be.

Is there bruising or swelling?

Unlike deeper Botox injections, Intradermal Botox is unlikely to cause bruising or swelling. Patients may see tiny little red dots at needle entry points but these go away very quickly .

How long does it take to do?

In an existing Patient where dosages and areas of concern are known the whole procedure takes 20 minutes.

Can it affect the muscles deep to the skin?

As with any other type of Botox injection, the medication can migrate to other areas. The key is to use the correct concentrations, careful injection technique, experience and excellent understanding of facial anatomy.

Does everyone get the same results?

Just like any other cosmetic procedure results do vary from patient to patient. This variation rests a large part in the anatomy that the patient has (ie. thick skin vs. thin skin, large pores vs. small pores, previous treatments like lasers or microdermabrasion, etc) Also, just like when Botox is used for wrinkles, some patients get a quick & complete response while others may require additional injections. As always aesthetic medicine is as much an art as it is a science.

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