What Are Bioidentical Hormones?


What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

As we move through the stages of life, our hormone levels fluctuate. There is a misconception that our hormones run out because we age, when in fact, we age when our hormones deplete.

It is possible to improve women’s’ quality of life when we replenish, rebalance or replace their hormones. When carried out effectively, the use of BHRT can keep our patients healthy and well.

Bio-identical hormones have the same chemical and molecular structure as the naturally occurring hormones in the body. This means they fit precisely into the hormone receptor sites and replicate the body’s hormones’ natural actions.

Benefits Of Using Bioidentical Hormone

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When hormones are optimally balanced, women report no adverse side effects and improved satisfaction and quality of life when changed from synthetic hormones to progesterone.

Natural estrogen and progesterone maintain and augment estrogen’s cardioprotective effects and decrease heart attack and stroke risk.

The bottom line is that we don’t have one magic wand for aging that works for everyone. It is important we all make our own choices about our health, and for some, that means taking hormones.

Improving the external appearance using our various techniques with threads, dermal fillers, or botulinum toxin is not always enough, we need to pay attention to our internal requirements as well. When enhancing a patient’s appearance, we need to change the way they think and feel, and this is where hormones can help.

BHRT can provide a powerful new tool that would fit easily into any aesthetic program, offering improvements in energy, mood, and physical appearance.

Evolving Our Best Practices for Optimal Patient Outcomes

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  • Aim to restore hormones to normal premenopausal levels in a manner that balances the hormones.
  • Refer to bio-identical therapy as restoration therapy rather than replacement therapy. Why? We are restoring hormones to normal levels using the same hormone rather than replacing a patient’s hormones with substitutes.
  • Regularly measure and monitor hormone levels along with patient symptoms. Restoration must be facilitated in a responsible manner using highly scientific methods.
  • Make adjustments on an individual basis. Consider the influences of other endocrine hormones on the outcomes of the sex steroid therapies.

There are no standard doses that can be applied across the board to women in general, so therapy must be personalised for optimal outcomes.

What Are Synthetic Hormones?

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One of the most commonly prescribed drug combination hormones HRT for menopausal women is Premarin and Provera.

Premarin, the most popular estrogen replacement therapy, is derived from pregnant horses and contains mostly estrone (the bad estrogen we discussed more common in post-menopausal women) and several equine (horse) estrogens that are not natural to humans.

Many of these foreign estrogens bind very tightly to the human estrogen receptors, making them highly stimulating and potentially carcinogenic.

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