Silhouette Soft X Lift

non surgical chin augmentation

Silhouette Soft X Lift

River Aesthetics is delighted to have been asked to participate alongside three eminent colleagues, in a pilot study, to explore new innovations in Silhouette Soft. The study focused on techniques, suture numbers and suture placement to achieve optimum patient outcomes and longevity. The main arm of the pilot was to ascertain if one box of threads per patient was the most effective for patients in terms of both cost and effectivity.

Silhouette Soft has already become a niche player in the market with its repeatable natural results and being the only suture on the market that is evidence based.

Our findings were presented to the Sinclair Global Team in Lisbon, early in January 2018. Because of the compelling findings, following the pilot, Sinclair Pharma will be aiming to replicate this success with a UK roll-out over the coming months. Existing Silhouette Soft users will benefit be being able to access the training prior to the launch.

As an award, winning centre of excellence for Silhouette Soft, River Aesthetics, working with three other leading clinicians continue to pioneer techniques to enhance results and increase satisfaction of patients.

River Aesthetics is one of the first clinics in the UK to be offering the ‘Silhouette Soft X’. This is a testament to the input that River Aesthetics have provided in developing these technique’s and our commitment to be at the forefront of leading aesthetic procedures and practices. The feedback from patients so far has been extremely positive with improved initial results and 8/10 patients stating they would have the procedure again


1 “When you first meet Dr Manning she is warm and welcoming and clearly explains what to expect and manages your expectations. You just know after your chat there is no danger of looking like a frozen faced Stepford wife, River Aesthetics will enhance your natural beauty in a believable and subtle way. Your friends will say how rested and refreshed you look, but they will not ask what you had done, as you will look your natural self…but better. I found Dr Manning to be professional and she has a calming manner which helps when you need to trust your practitioner”

2 “I am absolutely thrilled with the result of my soft silhouette lift. Today is the day after my procedure and no bruises to the face apart from where the thread entered, tiny really. I have a little bruising on the neck area, but expect it to go quite quickly. I would highly recommend anybody scared of a full-face lift to go for this procedure at River Aesthetics, as trainers of thread lifts you could not go anywhere better. 100 times better than retail therapy!!! Thank you so much, Laura “

Before silhouette soft X treatment
Marked up for silhouette soft X
after silhouette soft X

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