Meg Mathews Thread lift feature

Thread lift Meg Mathews

Meg Mathews Thread lift feature

Sarah Jossel, Style’s beauty editor, spent her lunch break watching Meg get her neck-lift and lived to tell the tale

Meg Mathews is lying on a surgery bed with her wedges, earrings and fake lashes still in place, while Dr Manning numbs her neck with four teeny needles. Mathews says this is the most painful part, and she would know — she’s had this treatment done on her face and loved the results. The areas around the local anaesthetic injections instantly turn white and act as a guide for the incision. Next, I watch as Manning weaves a mammoth 4in needle, attached to a long thread made up of polylactic acid, through her patient’s neck. As the needle meanders through the subcutaneous tissue, Mathews pipes up: “I wonder what to wear to this big do tonight?” She catches my confused expression and tries to reassure me. “Babe, I can’t feel a thing. It feels like someone’s massaging my neck.” Thirty minutes — and £1,500 — later, Mathews is upright and admiring her “after” shots. She’s thrilled with the tighter, less crepey appearance. Manning adds: “It will look even better in three months when the collagen stimulation kicks in, and it will last for up to two years.” Mathews swears that it looks worse than it feels. My thoughts? Not for the faint-hearted.

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