Dr. Victoria Manning meets Nadine Baggott: “This New-Generation of Collagen-Stimulating Filler will Change the Way you think about Fillers”

Dr. Victoria Manning meets Nadine Baggott: “This New-Generation of Collagen-Stimulating Filler will Change the Way you think about Fillers”

River Aesthetics, led by doctor-duo Victoria Manning and Charlotte Woodward, has cemented their name in the UK’s aesthetic industry as the go-to clinic for Ellansé-based filler procedures. Their combined experience and knowledge of over 30 years has qualified them to be trusted Ellansé trainers for doctors and aesthetic practitioners across the country.

The Doctors believe knowledge is a key component to exceeding patient expectations, and ensure all patients are thoroughly educated on their upcoming procedures including managing expectations and discussing their dream results in an informative consultation appointment to set the right tone for their aesthetic journey. This gives patients the opportunity to ask any questions they may have regarding their treatment.

While the use of fillers in the UK is highly unregulated, the introduction of certified and tested dermal fillers have changed the way men and women approach the concept of ageing.

As per a new law in England, usage of botulinum toxin (BoTox) or cosmetic fillers for people under 18 is strictly prohibited. According to an Independent article, around 41,000 botox-style procedures have been carried out on under 18s last year. This step will save thousands of young adults across the country from botched jobs.

However, there is still a wide gap in proper laws to ensure the safety of people undergoing non-invasive procedures in England which has led to countless filler horror stories spreading across the news and social media. “The UK is completely unregulated when it comes to fillers and it can be like a minefield for anyone starting their aesthetic journey,” comments Dr Victoria Manning during her recent one-hour interview with beauty guru Nadine Baggot.

The lack of proper awareness and the onslaught of botched filler jobs mean many women and men are unaware of the true potential of dermal fillers and how they can help shape lives when performed by a licensed professional.

During the in depth interview, Dr.Manning discusses different kinds of fillers, their roles and how the new-generation Ellansé filler triggers your skin’s natural collagen stimulation to bring back your youthful, healthy glow.

Cosmetic fillers can be used to augment your face shape. For example, if a patient would like to reshape their nose, a non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal filler can transform the overall harmony of their face. Fillers can also be used to sculpt, for example filler injected to contour the jawline can lead to a much more refined shape. And, finally, a full face rejuvenation using combination filler treatments can bring a new life to otherwise ageing skin.

“Skin boosters like Profhilo are like toe-in-the-water filler procedures that simply increase your skin’s hydration and overall glow,” Dr Manning adds. While they result in instant youthful glow, they last for a shorter period of time, ideal for men and women in their late 20s who are just starting on their aesthetic journey.

For women who have reached their pre-menopause or menopause, a longer lasting solution with a deeper impact is more beneficial. “As we age, we lose mass and bone at our temples, cheeks and even the chin. Collagen-stimulating fillers like Ellansé can help restore that lost beauty into its previous youthful state,” introducing this breakthrough filler to the Instagram live audience, Dr Manning further explains why she and fellow River Aesthetic Clinical Director, Dr Charlotte Woodward love working with Sinclair Pharmaceuticals for the Ellansé filler.

At River Aesthetics, a patient’s safety always comes first. Ellansé has been in the aesthetic industry for over 12 years, with a large amount of evidence-based research to ensure their customers are always in the safe hands. This collagen-stimulating filler is made up of 70% gel carrier and 30% active components (polymers). They enter into your skin giving initial volume and glow. After 6-8 weeks, the gel dissolves leaving behind the active components that trigger your skin for collagen production in a slow, gradual process. By the time you reach week 12 the results on your skin would be far beyond the initial volumization and glow.

This entire treatment process starts with an initial consultation. Here, the patient and doctor discuss expectations, what can be achieved, whether it is suitable for their skin type along with several other factors to set the right tone for the upcoming treatment. During the treatment, Dr Manning follows an ‘under-correcting’ method for Ellansé with the sole purpose of avoiding an ‘overdone’ face. If, during the 3-week and 3-month regular check-in intervals, there seems to be a need for additional filler, a separate plan is worked on to execute it.

Learn more about Ellansé in Nadine Baggot and Dr Victoria Manning’s interview HERE or visit River Aesthetics website to book your appointment.

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