Reverse The Signs Of Aging With Collagen Stimulation

Reverse The Signs Of Aging With Collagen Stimulation

The idea of growing older gracefully is a noble one. Especially, in today’s day and age, looking fresh and vital can not only boost your confidence but also elevate your personal and professional lives as a whole. Luckily, with an array of the latest collagen-boosting non-invasive treatments; it requires little if any downtime for the gradual and tailored approaches to steadily wind the clock backwards.

Starting with the initial visible signs of ageing such as facial fine lines, wrinkles and dullness; your skin naturally starts becoming thinner and more fragile due to reduced skin renewal. The root-cause of the problem being depreciating levels of collagen due to low production and loss of the existing protein.

Although ageing is an inevitable part of life, your lifestyle also contributes towards the collagen levels in your skin. From sun overexposure and lack of proper sleep to Vitamin C deficiencies and excess sugar; these daily habits sneakily damage your collagen stores over a period of time.

Located in the skin dermis, Collagen is an insoluble, fibrous protein that makes up for one-third of the human body. The Collagen molecules are packed together in form long, thin fibrils, acting as the main supporting structures, giving skin strength and elasticity which leads to a youthful appearance.

While a balanced lifestyle, healthy eating and investing in collagen-boosting beauty must-haves can help improve the skin’s health; a doctor-led multi-pronged approach and consultation can guarantee desired results, specific to your needs.

As renowned names in the aesthetics industry, Dr. Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward’s combined 45 years of experience has led them to be London’s most sought after experts for collagen stimulation. Their trusted collagen stimulation treatments are Exilis Ultra 360™ and Ellansé Dermal Fillers.

Exilis Ultra 360™

If you are looking to achieve firm, toned and smooth skin with minimal downtime, Exilis Ultra 360™ is your answer. As we grow older, the skin around our eyes, neck, decolletage, arms, stomach and thighs lose elasticity which leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. This painless procedure targets these areas with energy beams to boost collagen production.


The non-invasive treatment is performed using a state-of-art device that helps achieve a younger-looking appearance with its safe skin tightening process. This non-surgical treatment achieves your desired results by encouraging new elastin and collagen production leading to soft, plump skin.

It starts with delivering two safe forms of energy simultaneously to the epidermis layer of the skin. With its controlled heating and cooling temperatures, the energies are delivered to various levels of skin without discomfort to achieve maximum results. The monopolar radio frequency combined with ultrasound energy acts as a catalyst for increased cell turnover causing skin tightening for a more contoured and lifted appearance.


Depending on the consultation and the area being treated, every session will take approximately 30-60 minutes with a course of 4-6 treatments spanning across a few weeks. With minimal redness and swelling, you will start seeing the transformative results 3 months post treatment and lasts upto 2 years.

Book your Exilis Ultra 360™ consultation now to learn how the non-invasive treatment can suit your skincare needs.

Ellansé Dermal Fillers

Designed to boost collagen production in your skin, the Ellansé Dermal Fillers will turn back the clock on your appearance, giving you the self confidence you deserve. The building block for your skin and hair, collagen protein decreases in the body with age which leads to facial laxity and wrinkle and fold formation.

The Ellansé Dermal Filler adds a touch of youth with its rejuvenating properties by treating the underlying causes of ageing by stimulating collagen for natural-looking results.


More than just a dermal filler, Elansé next generation fillers treat wrinkles and volume loss by stimulating your body’s natural response to stimulate collagen production. Upon entering the skin, the polycaprolactone microspheres and carboxymethylcellulose carrier gel; in the dermal fillers, are naturally broken down into carbon dioxide and water, which is eliminated over time.


The non-invasive treatment is perfect if you are aiming for quick, immediate results. Thanks to Ellansé’s collagen stimulating properties, the skin undergoes an immediate transformation by restoring volume and reducing wrinkles. With a standalone treatment of 30-60 mins, post consultation, you can expect to see significant transformation with full results visible after 3 months which results lasting upto 3 years.

Book your consultation with our doctors to determine if Ellansé Dermal Fillers are right for you.

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