Thread Lifts – Do they work and are they worth the hype?

Thread Lifts – Do they work and are they worth the hype?

Thread lifts have received a lot of media attention as a way of addressing problems caused by facial skin laxity. The non-surgical procedure is hugely effective for those who don’t want to or can’t have surgery, but are no longer seeing a satisfying result from facial injectables, AKA fillers.

We spoke to Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward from one of the country’s top thread lifting clinics, River Aesthetics to find out more about the procedure, how it works, what’s involved and how much it costs:

What is a thread lift?

Facelift surgery used to be the only way to address skin laxity problems until clinicians began to use thread lifting.  This non-invasive way of ‘lifting’ the skin, smooths and tightens the face whilst helping to treat the signs of aging, restoring volume and reducing wrinkles.

The technique involves inserting temporary sutures or specialist surgical threads into the soft tissues of the face that are then pulled tight to lift and contour the skin. As well as physically lifting the skin, threading also combats ageing by stimulating the body’s ‘healing response’ that causes the body to direct surges of collagen to treated areas of the face – and we all know that collagen is a key ingredient to youthful looking skin!

How long does the treatment take?

Thread lifts have been referred to as ‘lunchtime facelifts’ because they are so quick to implement and to recover from. Generally speaking, the treatment will only take around an hour.

 I don’t want it to be obvious that I’ve had work done, will my face still move?!

Thread lifts are a non-invasive treatment and will produce visible benefits, moving the face by approx. 1cm. However, when compared with a surgical facelift, the results will be much more subtle– perfect if you wanted to achieve a more natural look.

How much does it cost?

Thread lift treatment prices start from £2650 and last approx. 18-24 months.

How long will the benefits of the treatment last?

Around 18 – 24 months. From the moment you have had the procedure, you will see the lifting effects of the threads. After one month the new collagen will be stimulated, and you will notice rejuvenated effects that will continue over several months. The threads will dissolve after around nine months but the improvements to your skin will last for several months after that.

Does it hurt?

Before the treatment begins you are given a local anaesthetic that helps to numb the area. Due to the procedure, there is a little discomfort, however we aim to make this as manageable and as comfortable as possible.

Does it really work?

Yes! After the treatment you will notice an immediate improvement to your appearance and that will continue over many months as the body produces more collagen. However, it is important to remain realistic when comparing thread lifts to surgical face lifts as they will only lift the face by a few millimetres; creating a much more subtle, natural look than a traditional facelift.

What should I look out for in terms of qualifications or accreditations from the clinicians I use?

Check out their credentials. Any clinician carrying out aesthetic treatments should be fully qualified and a registered medical professional. You can see if the clinician is registered as a medical practitioner on the NMC site for nurses and the GMC for doctors. River Aesthetics are renowned leaders in thread treatment, and have recently been awarded ‘Best for Threads’ in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetics Surgery Guide 2022, with our doctors being listed in the ‘Top 40 aesthetic Doctors in the UK for threads’ in the same guide. At River Aesthetics you are in good hands!

Are there any treatments that you would suggest I have to compliment threading for an even better result?

You will notice great results from thread lifts alone but as thread lifts are low-risk and boast such a short recovery time, it is possible to have some complimentary treatments to further enhance your look.  Hydrafacials are a good option for deep moisturising, or the Ellanse Collagen Stimulation treatment can be used to further encourage the body’s production of collagen for youthful, volumised skin.


For more information about thread treatments at River Aesthetics, visit for facial threads, and for breast lift threads.

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