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Ultra Femme 360

Did you know that River Aesthetics offers the revolutionary vaginal tightening treatment, the Ultra Femme 360 by BTL.


The treatment is a completely safe, non-surgical alternative to traditional surgical methods. It provides a complete vaginal rejuvenation both internally and externally, including labial remodeling and vaginal tightening, using a FDA approved device. Ultra Femme 360 can also be used to rejuvenate the vulval area. 


It works by using radiofrequency waves to help stimulate your body’s natural collagen production and enhance blood flow to the area.


As we get older, we lose muscle tone in the vagina due to a lowered production of collagen, leading to a higher frequency of stress incontinence, which can cause significant embarrassment and discomfort. This is, unfortunately, a common problem among postmenopausal and post-natal women, and can be very significant and life-changing. 1 in 4 women are affected by this.

Many women also consider this treatment after childbirth as the vaginal muscles have to stretch to allow delivery. Difficult deliveries or large babies cause your vaginal muscles to be stretched and torn. Despite Pelvic Floor exercises, the condition of your vaginal muscles and pelvic floor may not always improve.


How does the procedure work?

Menopause causes the production of estrogen to subside, which causes changes in the body, including: 

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Itching
  • A lowered libido
  • Loss of sensitivity 
  • Pain during sex
  • An increase in the frequency and urgency of urination 
  • Higher susceptibility to urinary tract infections, among other symptoms


Many women are often too embarrassed to seek treatment leading this condition to be frequently underdiagnosed with women suffering in silence. 

With Ultra Femme 360, the tissues in the vagina are activated and tightened, leading to a more pleasurable intimate experience for both partners.

The Ultra Femme 360 treatment is simple and painless; a disposable tip is inserted into the vagina and moved along the whole length of the vaginal canal towards the cervix and back towards the opening. 

The tip emits radiofrequency waves throughout the length of the vaginal canal. These waves penetrate deeply into the tissues in the vagina and gently heat the cells to stimulate collagen growth, in addition to improving the blood flow and circulation in the area.


Interested in Ultra Femme 360? Then you can find more information on stress incontinence here.


What Can Ultra Femme 360 Treat? 

This procedure is suitable for women who are suffering from symptoms of menopause, stress incontinence, and for women who are unhappy with the appearance of their vagina and vulval area. improvement of their intimate health.

Ultra Femme 360 can be used to treat both the internal and external vaginal tissues, depending on each patients requirements

Common effects of treatment include:

  • Tightening of the vaginal opening
  • Tightening of the vaginal canal
  • Tightening of the perineum
  • An increase in blood flow to the clitoris, improving its sensitivity and heightening sexual sensation
  • A decrease in stress incontinence and strengthening of the vaginal muscles


Our Treatment Protocol

Every patient will have a full medical consultation and examination with either Dr. Manning or Dr. Woodward. 

During this consultation, your treatment plan will be fully discussed. Your concerns will be addressed and the plan will be tailored to you.

We normally recommend three sessions, scheduled once a week. There is also the option to have three sessions over two weeks.

On the day of your treatment, you will have a gel applied to the skin around the vagina, and then we will gently insert the device into the vaginal canal. Smaller tips for the Ultra Femme 360 are also available for increased patient comfort.

During the internal treatment, the tip will be inserted into the vagina and then moved in and out, treating the entire canal. The tip of the device emits harmless radiofrequency waves that penetrate the deep layers of tissue within the vagina. This will gently heat the cells in the area stimulating collagen production which leads to the tightening of the vaginal walls and creating a tighter vaginal canal.

For the external treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered in pulses as the hand-piece is moved across the area, plumping and tightening the area, including the labia, to improve its appearance, the entrance of the vagina, and tightening of the labia minora. 

There is no pain or irritation during the procedures, only a pleasant warming sensation in which some patients compared to a hot stone massage. Treatment time is very short and usually takes around 30 minutes for both internal and external areas.



The Ultra Femme 360 treatment is FDA approved and meets strict safety standards. It contains a built-in Energy Flow Control system, which helps to provide safe, uniform heating during the therapy. 

Following the treatment, you may notice very mild redness and swelling in the treatment area, though this usually disappears within a few hours. You can easily have the treatment during your lunch break and return to your daily activities immediately.

Results can usually be seen and felt immediately after treatment but will continue to improve over the course of your treatment with optimal results at around 12 weeks after your first treatment, as the collagen continues to rebuild. 

Compared to traditional surgical labiaplasty and vaginoplasty, the Ultra Femme 360 is also much more affordable. 


Why Choose River Aesthetics?

At River Aesthetics we are a female doctor led clinic and specialists in intimate rejuvenation techniques and two of the country’s leading practitioners in the field of non-surgical intimate health. Dr. Manning and Woodward are also trainers for Desirial by Vivacy for feminine rejuvenation. We regularly appear in the press and at industry events to share our expertise in the development and use of this treatment.

More information about Ultra Femme 360can be found on stress incontinence here.

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