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River Aesthetics is a renowned cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic that provides aesthetic solutions and a unique educational approach. Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward are medical aesthetic experts, as well as global trainers in collagen stimulation and other treatments. For patients who desire a more defined jawline or a better balanced profile, we can treat you with chin filler. Bournemouth patients can discuss this further by arranging a consultation.

Natural-Looking Chin Filler: Bournemouth Patients Will Get Results

It has been drilled into society, mainly via the media, that a weak chin is not an attractive feature in either women or men. A small or recessive chin can form as a result of genetics or due to injury or trauma to the lower jaw. To rectify this, surgery or implants can help, but non-surgical chin augmentation is a safer option with no lengthy recovery time. River Aesthetics uses a range of products for chin filler. Bournemouth patients will have improved jaw definition, a reduction in marionette lines and an enhanced profile following our treatment.

About Us

Former General Practitioners Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are the visionaries behind River Aesthetics, specialising in non-surgical rejuvenation and wellness. Both are also international speakers and global trainers in collagen stimulation, providing an educational approach as well as natural-looking treatments.

As an international renowned clinic that is individually focused, we can provide a bespoke treatment plan for patients that require chin filler in Bournemouth. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience make us the go-to clinic in Dorset.

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    Bournemouth Chin Filler Treatments

    When treating patients with chin filler in Bournemouth, River Aesthetics use products that have been rigorously tested. The substances augment and hydrate the skin, creating natural-looking results.


    How Long Does the Treatment Take?

    A single treatment session takes half an hour depending on the area being treated. The procedure consists of filler being injected into the skin using an ultrafine needle, so it is by no means painful. When undergoing the treatment of chin filler, Bournemouth patients will feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

    What Results Can You Expect?

    This is a long-term treatment that delivers your desired results over a 6-12 month period. However, you will immediately notice a difference following the treatment in Bournemouth. Chin filler solutions are among our extensive portfolio of treatments, with natural-looking results being our primary focus.

    Other Treatments

    River Aesthetics caters to all elements of medical aesthetics and wellness, making our expertise and knowledge sought after across the country. That is why, as well as our treatment of chin filler, Bournemouth patients can benefit from the treatments listed adjacent.

    Aesthetic Excellence: The Top Clinic for Chin Filler in Bournemouth

    Built on a foundation of medical practice, River Aesthetics is a renowned clinic that provides a balance of natural-looking treatments and educational methods. Based in London, Hampshire and Dorset, Dr Manning and Dr Woodward have grown an operation that provides non-surgical rejuvenation and wellness to both women and men. We can address facial concerns with revolutionary collagen-enhancing methods and products, including chin filler. Bournemouth patients will receive a bespoke treatment plan tailored to their needs.

    River Aesthetics is an award-winning clinic that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the dedicated team around us. We are clear and courteous towards all of our patients to ensure that they’re satisfied with our treatments.

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    If you would like to arrange a consultation to discuss chin filler, Bournemouth patients can reach us by calling 01202 024060. Alternatively, contact us by filling in our online form.

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