CoolSculpt Treatments in Bournemouth

Many women and men desire to have a more sculpted physique, and River Aesthetics has become a sought-after clinic for such solutions. The world-renowned clinic is the only one in Dorset that provides CoolSculpting. This FDA-approved method of fat freezing shifts stubborn fat safely and permanently.

Hollywood A-lister Sarah Michelle Gellar, British model and presenter Lisa Snowdon, and professional golfer Ian Poulter are among the famous faces that have given their seal of approval. There is no better or more comprehensive technology than CoolSculpt treatments. In Bournemouth, River Aesthetics’ flagship clinic is at the centre of the coastal town, a stone’s throw away from award-winning beaches. While the golden sand attracts visitors, River Aesthetics’ natural treatments are sought after by patients up and down the country.

Aesthetic Excellence in Bournemouth: CoolSculpt Treatments Lead the Way

Studies have shown that 61% of people feel that areas of their face and body contain excess fat, while 83% of people are keen to invest in their appearance. Blend all of the statistics together and you get large groups of people who would benefit from fat freezing treatments. In Bournemouth, River Aesthetics’ clinical directors Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward treat patients seeking the best version of themselves.

By specialising in non-surgical rejuvenation, River Aesthetics has been recognised among industry elite. The clinic provides an array of treatments that trigger the body’s responses, enhancing and refreshing the skin and body in a natural way. For those seeking CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth, no other clinic will do.

The Science

At the flagship clinic in Bournemouth, CoolSculpt treatments are carried out using advanced technology developed by scientists at Harvard. Such is the innovation of such technology, only medical-led clinics can administer it. The process is called apoptosis, which is a form of programmed cell death.

The fat freezing treatments in Bournemouth consist of applying a range of applicators, with each one appropriately sized for the specific areas of the body. The CoolSculpting technology gently freezes the fat cells underneath the skin, and once they are dead, the body naturally eliminates them over time.

When a person loses weight, the fat cells within their body decrease. Alternatively, when a person gains weight, the fat cells increase, but at no point do the number of cells alter. With River Aesthetics’ CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth, the technology permanently removes the cells. Clinical studies have shown that up to 27% of fat cells are removed 6 months post treatment.

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    The Stubborn Areas

    Regardless of how many hours are spent in the gym or how many healthy meals you consume, some fat is just too stubborn to shift. For many patients in Bournemouth, CoolSculpt treatments are the only solutions to this problem. The technology targets soft subcutaneous fat as opposed to hard visceral fat, so the types of areas that patients generally want treated are the abdomen, thighs, upper arms, flanks, back, and under the chin.

    The Treatment

    Due to their non-surgical nature, fat freezing treatments in Bournemouth’s River Aesthetics clinic are pain-free. One or more of four applicators will be selected to treat the chosen area(s), depending on the tailored treatment plan for the patient. The device will be positioned on your body and a gel pad and applicator will be applied.

    The vacuum applicators draw fatty tissue into the applicator cup, starting the crystallisation process. During CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth, patients may feel mild pinching and pulling but will remain comfortable throughout.

    The Results

    As pioneers of innovative non-surgical rejuvenation, River Aesthetics has a portfolio of treatments that evoke natural skin and body responses. The results of CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth are long-lasting, and as the body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, your body will appear more sculpted.

    CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth produce noticeable results 6 weeks after the procedure, with optimum results appearing at 12 weeks. The non-invasive nature of the treatment means that patients can resume their daily activities.

    With only one applicator taking 35 minutes to complete, patients can undergo CoolSculpt treatments in Bournemouth at a time that fits into their schedule. River Aesthetics takes an individually focussed approach, with Dr Manning and Dr Woodward tailoring plans that are bespoke to each patient. As soon as you walk through the doors, it is clear that the clinic provides more than a quick tweak, it is a base for patients to achieve the best version of themselves.


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