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River Aesthetics is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinics. Since our inception, we’ve built a reputation as global lecturers, media contributors, trainers, and some of the finest aesthetic professionals in the industry. By choosing our cosmetic clinic treatments, Bournemouth patients will receive natural-looking solutions.

Sought-After Cosmetic Clinic Treatments in Bournemouth

River Aesthetics founders Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward specialise in non-surgical rejuvenation. We treat the face, skin, body and provide wellness solutions, all of which produce natural-looking results. By undergoing our cosmetic clinic treatments, Bournemouth patients can rejuvenate, refresh and enhance their skin and body.

Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are also global trainers in collagen stimulation treatments, including Ellansé® dermal fillers and Silhouette Soft thread lift. They have trained many professionals within the industry, both locally and nationally, so you can trust our Bournemouth cosmetic clinic treatments.

When selecting our cosmetic clinic treatments. Bournemouth patients will be in safe hands as we only use rigorously tested products.

From London to Bournemouth: Cosmetic Clinic Treatments Performed by Renowned Experts

Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are widely renowned for their natural-looking treatments and educational approach, building a reputation on Harley Street in London. Now, the expertise has moved to the South Coast, bringing a range of cosmetic clinic treatments.

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    Bournemouth patients can select options that specialise in the following areas:






    The face is the most noticeable part of our bodies and serves as a roadmap of our lives. Our experiences shape our appearance, and the rigours of daily life can take their toll in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes. To enhance general appearance and correct facial symmetry, we provide cosmetic clinic treatments in Bournemouth.

    River Aesthetics has an array of options from anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers to HydraFacials, and even teeth grinding treatment.


    Our bodies can also be a source of self-esteem issues, from stubborn pockets of fat to unsightly hair or stretch marks. For cosmetic clinic treatments, Bournemouth patients can opt for non-surgical procedures that include fat freezing, skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, body sculpting, hair removal, neck and arm lifts, and more.


    The skin is the largest organ and is the primary barrier that protects our bodies from the outside world. Because of this exposure, the skin can deteriorate with time, becoming weathered-looking and losing its radiance, volume, and definition. Our cosmetic treatments are designed to undo damage and restore the skin to a healthy condition. Our doctors can treat patients with skin peels, laser skin resurfacing, carbon laser peels, thread vein treatment, and LED light therapy.


    If an individual’s wellness levels have suffered, they will likely be left feeling rundown. We can help restore this energy via our cosmetic clinic treatments. Bournemouth patients can benefit from vitamin infusions and bio-identical hormones. We’ll suggest the most appropriate treatment during the consultation process.

    Cosmetic Clinic Treatments: Bournemouth Patients Get Natural-Looking Results

    When approaching River Aesthetics for cosmetic clinic treatments in Bournemouth, our doctors will never impose a treatment that you don’t need. Expect honest and impartial advice as well as recommendations that are right for you. Our approach and deliverance of treatments has contributed to us being recognised by industry bodies.

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