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If you’re experiencing unusual symptoms that are greatly impacting your quality of life, this could be a sign of a hormone imbalance. River Aesthetics is the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic that is led by advanced medical aesthetic experts Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward. We have treatments designed for hormone balancing. Poole patients will feel healthier, with more energy.

The Leading Choice for Hormone Balancing in Poole

River Aesthetics are committed to helping our patients achieve the best version of themselves. If you’ve not been feeling yourself and noticing unusual symptoms, such as an increase in the signs of ageing, you may have a hormone imbalance. Such problems can be easily reversed.

For years, we’ve provided Poole hormone balancing treatments that are carefully tailored and administered for maximum benefits. During a consultation we can discuss your situation and devise a bespoke treatment plan.

A Solution for Hormone Balancing: Poole Patients Can Trust Our Expertise

As chemical messengers within our bodies, hormones are responsible for many functions, from preserving our physical and mental well-being to regulating sleep patterns and our sex drive. Whether through age or a medical condition, these hormones can deplete, throwing the whole body into disarray. The idea of hormone balancing in Poole is to replace these depleted hormones, restoring harmony to the body.

Biodentical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

Consider BHRT as being the next stage of traditional HRT. Traditional HRT looks at normal ranges of indices whereas BHRT looks at optimum levels instead. We want you to leave feeling great, and this can be achieved through hormone balancing. Poole patients should know that BHRT is an entirely natural hormone therapy that makes a complete copy of your naturally occurring hormones.

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    As the replicated hormones are identical to your own, the likelihood of complications is greatly reduced. This makes BHRT an excellent choice for patients in Poole. Hormone balancing treatments are always preceded by a consultation, as mentioned above. You’ll speak directly with a River Aesthetics Bio ID doctor who will perform a full assessment.

    They will also take any required blood and saliva samples for testing, and a follow-up consultation will be arranged to go over the results with you. A bespoke treatment plan will be devised, and you’ll be informed of any required prescriptions.

    Other Treatments

    In addition to hormone balancing, Poole patients can also turn to River Aesthetics for other treatments that cover the following areas:





    We can treat a wide range of conditions from facial, dermal and body imperfections to a poor immune system, stress incontinence, and low mood and energy. We also offer treatments for men too, and our treatments are suitable for all ages and ethnicities.

    Providing Poole Hormone Balancing Treatments That Are Proven to be Effective

    Founded by Dr Manning and Dr Woodward, River Aesthetics has quickly grown to become one of the UK’s leading aesthetic clinics. Highly respected for their Silhouette Soft thread lift and Ellansé facial rejuvenation treatments, the doctors have gained huge recognition throughout the community. 

    As lecturers, writers, trainers, and successful practitioners, we are considered the go-to clinic for hormone balancing. Poole is one of multiple locations where we have clinics based; Bournemouth and London’s Harley Street are also home to River Aesthetics.

    From a facelift to hormone balancing in Poole, every treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs. Such is our commitment to helping you achieve the best version of yourselves, we’ll never suggest a treatment that you don’t need.

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    If you’d like to find out more about hormone balancing, Poole patients can get in touch with our clinic by calling 01202 024060.

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