IV Vitamin Infusions Poole

The stresses of everyday life can take a toll on our bodies, with many of us experiencing a drop in energy levels. River Aesthetics has a range of solutions that leave patients with a greater sense of wellbeing. As the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic, we can provide IV vitamin infusions. Poole patients will receive a tailored treatment plan from Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward.

IV Vitamin Infusions: Poole Patients Receive Bespoke Plan for Optimal Wellbeing

Intravenous vitamin therapy – often referred to by the acronym IVT – was first developed to help cancer patients whose vitamin levels had been severely depleted by chemotherapy. These cutting edge treatments are now available to the public and there is increasing interest.

When undergoing IV vitamin infusions, Poole patients can expect each drip to provide them with a unique combination of vitamins, trace minerals, and antioxidants. These have been designed to help you achieve optimum health.

This includes rehydrating your body, correcting chemical imbalances, increasing energy levels and assisting with helping your body stand up to the various stresses imposed upon it by our modern lifestyle.

Dr Manning and Dr Woodward will consult with you and figure out the best combination of IV vitamin infusions. Poole patients will be treated with the purpose of improving wellness and health.

IV Procaine

As we get older, our nutritional needs change and it’s important to be aware of these changes when wanting to live a long healthy life. With our Age Defiance IV vitamin infusions, Poole patients can stay one step ahead of the ageing process.

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    IV Hair Nourishment

    The environment and the ageing process can have detrimental effects on your hair. We can help revive it’s healthy sheen with IV vitamin infusions in Poole.

    IV Immuno Booster

    Our Poole IV vitamin infusions can help with correcting low moods and a lack of energy. The Immuno-Booster drip will help you get back to form swiftly.

    IV Amino Muscle Plus

    For athletes finding it difficult to find energy for a run or a gym workout, our special Sports formula can give you a head start.

    IV Fat Burner Plus

    There is no better way to lose weight than with your very own bespoke nutrient treatment plan. River Aesthetics can refer you to a qualified nutritionist to create a plan. We can then tailor this treatment to your needs.

    Glutathione IV Push

    Detox your body, slow down the ageing process significantly, and improve your skin immeasurably. You will achieve all of this via our Booster IV vitamin infusions in Poole.

    Poole IV Vitamin Infusions Provided by an Award-Winning Clinic

    River Aesthetics is internationally renowned and individually focused. What this means is that we understand every patient is different, which is why we take a tailored approach to every single procedure.

    We would never recommend something that you don’t actually need or a treatment that we wouldn’t consider for ourselves. You will be looked after by advanced medical aesthetic experts Dr Manning and Dr Woodward, both of whom are global trainers in an array of treatments. They have taught many local and national industry professionals techniques and procedures. By choosing our IV vitamin infusions, Poole patients will be in safe hands.

    River Aesthetics is a renowned clinic that prides itself on having something available for everyone. As well as offering a great range of Poole IV vitamin infusions, we can provide all of the following treatments:

    Anti-Wrinkle Procedures

    Carbon Laser Peels

    Hand Rejuvenations

    Lip Fillers

    Skin Tightening Treatments

    And More!

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