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The hustle and bustle of day-to-day life can take a toll on our face, but here at River Aesthetics, we have a variety of treatments that will refresh and revitalise your skin. For the best laser peels Poole patients can get, you have come to the right place. Our qualified and experienced doctors offer a carbon laser facial that will revitalise your face and leave it feeling smooth. Bournemouth residents interested in undergoing this procedure need to get in touch with River Aesthetics now to book a consultation. Just give us a call on 01202 024060.


Carbon Laser Peels in Bournemouth

Our carbon laser peels Bournemouth patients seek are sometimes also referred to as Hollywood peels or red carpet peels. This is due to the celebrity interest in this procedure, and with such interest, it’s easy to understand the treatment’s popularity as the results are truly incredible!

In only 20 short minutes, your skin will be refreshed, smoothed and firmed. These laser peels in Bournemouth are usually used to address blackheads and open pores as well as getting rid of excess oil.

This doesn’t mean that they can only be carried out on your face, however. They can actually be performed anywhere on the body. The Bournemouth laser peels are completely painless and will deliver immediate benefits with long-lasting results.

The carbon paste utilised by the River Aesthetics team during these laser peels, Bournemouth patients, is a fantastic product. A layer of this carbon paste will be applied to the skin and it will penetrate deep into the pores.

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    After the paste has absorbed into the skin, laser light will be utilised as it’s highly attracted to the carbon particles. Once the laser passes over the target area, it destroys the carbon and takes all dead skin cells, oil and other contaminants with it.

    While the laser heats up your skin, it doesn’t destroy any sub-dermal tissue. Instead, it will kick-start the natural healing processes that boost collagen production for lasting firmness. So, there is nothing to worry about with our accredited Bournemouth laser peels!

    Stop suffering from continual acne, oily skin, blackheads and uneven skin tone and get in touch with River Aesthetics. We would be happy to find out more about your situation and determine the suitability of our carbon laser peels in Bournemouth.

    Choose River Aesthetics to Carry Out Your Bournemouth Laser Peels

    First impressions count, so if you want yours to be a good one, you should have River Aesthetics on speed dial. Our aesthetic experts know everything there is to know about collagen stimulation and skincare.

    We are going to achieve exquisite natural results by lifting and sculpting the face and the neck. You will be in completely safe hands while you undergo one of our laser peels – Bournemouth patients can always trust us to go the extra mile!

    From the moment you place your first phone call until you leave our premises, you will receive an absolutely stellar service. We take a bespoke approach to all treatments because we understand that no two requirements are ever exactly the same.

    We’d never suggest a treatment that we wouldn’t consider for ourselves.

    We only use the highest quality industry products that have been rigorously tested and certified by all of the relevant governing bodies. A thorough aftercare service will also be provided when you choose River Aesthetics as your skincare clinic! To summarise, the benefits of choosing our clinic are:

    • Experienced Professionals
    • Safe and Hygienic Environment
    • Fully Accredited Treatments
    • Honest and Impartial Advice
    • Bespoke Solutions

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    Are you now sure that you would be a perfect candidate for one of our sought-after laser peels? Bournemouth is welcome to get in touch with River Aesthetics by calling 01202 024 060 or filling in our online enquiry form. We will respond very shortly to arrange a face to face consultation with you!

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