Mary Greenwell’s Silhouette Soft experience at River Aesthetics

“There is now no need to ever go under the knife”

Mary Greenwell’s Silhouette Soft experience at River Aesthetics

Make-up artist to just about everyone from royalty to fashion’s elite, Mary Greenwell will not shy away from telling everyone that she is 60, and very proud that she has not had any ‘work done’. As someone who is faced with the excesses of facial ‘tampering’ on a daily basis, Mary was concerned not to go down the route of muscle paralysing, unnatural filling or over plumping. According to Mary, she has seen it all and it is not pretty!

However in a field where an aging look is frowned upon (if you have the capacity to frown!), Mary was also keen to remain at the forefront of a competitive field where her name is still on speed dial with the who’s who of the celebrity world. Whilst she looks considerably younger than her years, Mary was concerned about some laxity around her jowl area and felt that the lower half of her face was drooping and making her look sad (rather than old).

When the editor of a fashion bible – over a decade younger than Mary told her that she was having a surgical neck lift, Mary was keen to see the results. Whilst she admired the smoother neck, Mary was distressed to learn that woman needed to take the whole summer off, had spent three weeks immobile and a further three swathed in bandages, Mary knew there had to be a better way.

With access to the crème de la crème of doctors to beauty advisors Mary did her research and was advised that a non-surgical skin lift called Silhouette Soft was the best alternative to a surgical face, neck or brow lift. Another beauty editor pointed her in the direction of Drs Victoria Manning and Charlotte Woodward of River Aesthetics, who are making quite a ripple in the aesthetics sector.

Known for their conservative approach, Vix and Charlotte shy away from a ‘signature look’. They don’t want their clients to look ‘done’ and would feel they had failed if someone asked their patients what work they had had. Instead they feel they have succeeded if their patients look like the best version of themselves, on a really good day.

This was the reassurance Mary was after, and after an initial consultation in the duo’s London clinic on Wimpole Street, Mary booked in for a Silhouette Soft skin lift of her lower face in their treatment oasis on the South Coast near Bournemouth. This was a day dedicated to ‘me’ she commented; she saw it as an opportunity to take a day out of her very busy schedule to focus on herself – with the hours on the train as protected time to catch up on emails and chill out.

On arrival in Bournemouth she was collected at the station by Dr Charlotte and ferried to River Aesthetics’ tranquil clinic. Bolstered by a herbal tea infusion she had her face numbed with dots of local anaesthetic before four Silhouette Soft sutures were threaded under the top layer of her skin on either side. As a skin expert she herself knew and appreciated the two phased approach of the Silhouette Soft treatment.

As Dr Vix explained: “In less than an hour the Silhouette Soft non-surgical face lift lets us to create a completely natural looking result which allows you fully flexible facial expressions. What’s more we can completely tailor the treatment according to your needs as we use dissolvable sutures (sometimes known as threads) which can be placed wherever the skin on the face or neck needs to be lifted. This means the procedure can precisely target the specific areas of the face which will give you the best result. It is particularly effective at lifting sagging cheeks and drooping jowls, and can also be used to lift the bows and address lax skin on the neck.”

The Silhouette Soft lift works in two distinct ways:
Firstly, just like a surgical facelift, it has an immediate lifting action which you’ll notice straight away. However there are no scalpels or general anaesthetics involved. After dots of local anaesthetic are applied, dissolvable sutures are carefully and painlessly threaded underneath the top layer of the skin at several key points. Once securely in place, the sutures are used to internally lift and re-anchor skin that’s migrated slowly southwards over time.

Secondly, and uniquely, the Silhouette Soft lift also has a regenerative action that continues to work long after your initial treatment. The sutures are gradually reabsorbed by your skin over time, which helps to progressively stimulate and restore your own lost collagen. This extends the anti-ageing action of the treatment, gradually replacing lost volume in saggy areas and restoring youthful shapeliness naturally.

The sutures were gathered up Mary’s hairline where the insertion marks were barely visible immediately after treatment and she was advised not to wear any make up for 24 hours to allow the entry holes to heal over to prevent infection. Mary was also advised to try and curb her natural ebullience and urge to laugh uproarisly for three days, and to sleep on her back, but that she could get back to normal life immediately after treatment.

After tea and cakes she travelled back on the train without concern (in fact she loved having some more protected time to read and contact friends). She developed a small bruise on her left cheek the day after treatment which as a make-up artist she was easily able to cover, and she felt a little tenderness when kissed on both cheeks, but nothing which unduly concerned her.

Two weeks after treatment she returned to the London clinic and had some further photographs taken, which demonstrate the immediate effects of the treatment. As you can see in these images [insert images here] the first shot shows Mary without make up just before treatment. The second, two weeks afterwards, shows a side by side comparison (although she is wearing make-up) and you can clearly see the extent to which her skin has been lifted.

Her final words were, “I am so excited by this treatment. There is now no need to ever go under the knife and have a surgical treatment. I know that this is an on-going process and I am now planning to have my brows lifted in the new year and that I can have additional threads added in the coming months and years to maintain my lifted skin.”

To find out if you could be suitable for a Silhouette Soft lift please contact River Aesthetics

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