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River Aesthetics is a world renowned cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic that provides natural-looking treatments through an educational approach. Founders Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward oversee an operation that has bases in London, Hampshire and Dorset. Our aesthetic doctors have used their experience to build a reputable medical aesthetic clinic. Bournemouth patients can undergo non-surgical rejuvenation treatments designed for the face, skin, body and general wellness.

The Leading Bournemouth Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are international speakers, media contributors and global trainers for industry-leading rejuvenation treatments and procedures. The experienced doctors have taught various aesthetic techniques to local and national industry professionals.

At our medical aesthetic clinic, Bournemouth patients will be offered a range of stimulating treatments. We can address facial concerns and skin conditions, as well as provide body sculpting treatments and procedures for wellness, such as vaginal rejuvenation.

Body Treatments at Our Medical Aesthetic Clinic: Bournemouth, London and Poole Can Benefit

River Aesthetics provides bespoke body treatments that are non-invasive and adopt innovative technologies. Our medical aesthetic clinic in Bournemouth provides solutions for reducing body fat, tightening skin, and contouring your shape. CoolSculpting is within our portfolio of treatments which is designed to freeze fat cells.

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    Facial Treatments at Our Bournemouth Medical Aesthetic Clinic

    Many patients who visit our medical aesthetic clinic in Bournemouth are looking for facial treatments to reduce the signs of ageing. As specialists in non-surgical rejuvenation, Dr Manning and Dr Woodward provide an array of natural-looking treatments, including the following:

    Anti-Wrinkle Treatments

    Dermal Fillers

    Jawline Contouring

    Lip Fillers

    Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

    Skin Hydration Options

    A Renowned Medical Aesthetic Clinic: Bournemouth Patients Will Receive the Best Skincare

    As the largest organ in the body, your skin reveals a lot about your health, your stress levels, and your emotions, as well as your age. At our Bournemouth medical aesthetic clinic, we can address conditions such as acne, scarring, rosacea, sun damage, skin tags, wrinkles and unwanted fine lines.

    River Aesthetics is the Top Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Bournemouth

    River Aesthetics is an industry-leading medical aesthetic clinic. Bournemouth, Hampshire, and London-based patients can benefit from our sought-after rejuvenation treatments. The results of our procedures are natural looking, and our patients look well as opposed to ‘done’. We make subtle enhancements designed to refresh your skin or eliminate issues related to certain conditions.

    We have enjoyed sustained success and built up a loyal client base nationwide due to our innovation and educational approach. We have been recognised by industry bodies and have worked with athletes, TV presenters, politicians, and A-List actors.

    After becoming a renowned name in London’s ‘little black book’ of aesthetic experts, we expanded to the South Coast. River Aesthetics is known for treatments in collagen stimulation, as we have adopted a skilful approach to lifting and sculpting the face and neck. We use injectables to achieve this, as well as our signature treatment Silhouette Soft thread lift. Our doctors perform this procedure more often than any other clinic in the UK.

    Dr Manning and Dr Woodward support a bespoke phased treatment where the patient will be completely ready for the procedure before anything happens. This will allow for enough cooldown time from your initial consultation until the day of treatment at our medical aesthetic clinic. Bournemouth patients will receive a treatment plan that is tailored to their requirements.

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    To discuss one or more of the treatments at our medical aesthetic clinic, Bournemouth patients can book a consultation by calling 01202 029 098.

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