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River Aesthetics is the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic, with Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward providing aesthetic treatments and a unique educational approach. By visiting our award-winning medical aesthetic clinic, Poole patients can get natural-looking solutions to facial concerns, body sculpting and wellness.

Natural-Looking Treatments at Our Poole Medical Aesthetic Clinic

The effects of ageing differ depending on each individual, and for some, lines and wrinkles can cause detriment to their self-esteem. With the help of Dr Manning and Dr Woodward at our medical aesthetic clinic in Poole, we can come up with solutions that provide results.

At our medical aesthetic clinic, Poole patients can expect treatments that focus on particular skin conditions as well as aesthetic enhancements. For individuals that want to tackle the signs of ageing or target problem areas, we have solutions. River Aesthetics offers a range of treatments, including the following:

Carbon Laser Peel

Dermal Fillers


IPL Acne Treatment

Lip Fillers

Vaginal Rejuvenation, and More!

By discussing your preferences with one of our qualified doctors, you will receive an honest assessment at our Poole medical aesthetic clinic. Our experts will never encourage you to have a procedure that you do not need.

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    The UK’s Number One Clinic for Silhouette Soft Treatment

    The Silhouette Soft thread lift is our signature treatment and can be combined with dermal fillers to create a bespoke facelift. We are the UK’s number one clinic for this particular treatment as we use this procedure more than any other clinic in the country.

    How Does it Work?

    The Silhouette Soft is made up of clear, absorbable threads of polylatic acid. They are inserted into specific areas of the skin using a fine needle. Once they are in place, the threads will dissolve, releasing the substance that stimulates the production of collagen.

    The purpose of this treatment is to lift sagging skin and smooth out lines and wrinkles. At our medical aesthetic clinic, Poole patients should know that Dr Manning and Dr Woodward train industry professionals in this procedure.

    When Can You Expect Results?

    You will notice an immediate lift, with the results becoming more evident across the first 12 weeks. As the production of collagen is gradual, the tightness and smoothness of your skin will improve each day. At our Poole medical aesthetic clinic, we can target multiple areas of the face, including the lower jaw, cheeks, eyebrows and neck.

    The effects of this treatment last up to 18 months. Our doctors will ask you to return for a review two weeks after the treatment. We will also arrange an additional review three months after undergoing the procedure at our medical aesthetic clinic. Poole patients will be in safe hands.

    Industry-Recognised Medical Aesthetic Clinic: Poole Patients Treated by Renowned Doctors

    Dr Manning and Dr Woodward spent decades working as General Practitioners before embarking on the aesthetics industry. As well as running a successful medical aesthetic clinic in Poole, they are international speakers and media contributors. The educational platform that they have created is benefitting both patients and professionals, with River Aesthetics earning awards from industry bodies.

    The natural-looking results achieved by River Aesthetics has attracted a high-profile clientele, with figures from the world of sport, TV, politics and film. We have created a calming and welcoming atmosphere at our medical aesthetic clinic. Poole is one of multiple locations where we conduct our treatments, with London’s Harley Street and Bournemouth also being bases.

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    To discuss a treatment with one of our doctors at our medical aesthetic clinic, Poole patients can arrange a consultation by calling 01202 029 098.

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