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River Aesthetics is a centre of excellence for collagen enhancing treatments, with Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward being industry global trainers. Our advanced medical aesthetic doctors rejuvenate skin with non-surgical treatments such as thread lifts. One of the simplest ways to reposition sagging skin is a PDO thread lift. Bournemouth patients can achieve definition and contouring around areas on their face and neck.

PDO Thread Lift: Bournemouth Patients to Achieve Natural-Looking Enhancements

Our medical aesthetic doctors are pioneers for the PDO thread lift. Bournemouth patients will undergo subtle enhancements that rectifies the looseness that comes with a lack of elasticity in the skin.

It is a procedure that will effectively combat the signs of ageing and give patients a natural refreshed appearance. A PDO thread lift in Bournemouth is perfectly suitable for women and men, regardless of their skin type.

Our Bournemouth PDO thread lifts will lift and regenerate the middle of the face, the jowls or the neck for a transformative effect. The suture-like threads will encourage production of new collagen, which will create a subtle face lift.

With a PDO thread lift, Bournemouth patients will get restored volume without any scarring. The recovery time is also much shorter compared to surgical methods.

Long-Lasting Results

The term PDO refers to polydioxanone, which dissolves and stimulates your skin’s natural collagen production. Threads will be inserted under the skin with a fine needle to elevate the sagging tissue and successfully lift targeted areas.

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    Our PDO thread lift in Bournemouth is a treatment that only takes one hour to complete and requires virtually no downtime. To achieve the best results, our aesthetic doctors can combine the threads with dermal fillers, which will assist in smoothing surface lines and wrinkles.

    With a PDO thread lift, Bournemouth patients can enjoy an effect that will last 2 years, which is unparalleled by any alternative procedure. The lift will be noticeable immediately but the full effect will be formed after 90 days.

    There are several parts of your face that can be treated and contoured with a Bournemouth PDO thread lift. Patients may select this particular procedure to combat sagging and signs of ageing on or around their:



    Lower Jaw


    Renowned Aesthetic Trainers Provide an Effective PDO Thread Lift in Bournemouth

    Over the years, River Aesthetics has built up a reputation for achieving natural-looking results using innovative procedures such as thread lifts. As well as being advanced aesthetic experts, Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are sought-after international speakers and global trainers that have taught many local and national professionals in the industry.

    Our aesthetic excellence has been recognised on a number of occasions by various industry bodies and relevant publications. For example, we won at the 2017 Aesthetics Awards for Best New Clinic in the UK and Ireland.

    We have also worked with diverse clientele, including politicians, athletes, and Hollywood actors. Our aesthetic solutions and educational approach helps patients become the best possible version of themselves. Our operation has extended from London and Hampshire to Bournemouth. PDO threat lift treatments are one of many non-surgical procedures within our portfolio.

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