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General Q & A

How long has the treatment been available in the UK?

IV Therapy has been available in the UK for over 40 years. Increase in awareness of this therapy has grown within the last 5 years due to media interest.

How was it developed/how did it become popular?

Intravenous hydration and nutrient therapy have been used in mainstream medicine for almost half a century. The development started with “The Myers Cocktail”, developed and named after Dr. John Myers, and describes a mixture of intravenous solution containing electrolytes such as magnesium and calcium in addition to B and C Vitamins with purported uses for relief of chronic pain and fatigue, asthma, muscle spasm, upper respiratory infections and seasonal allergies to name a few. We are working with Dr Samantha Gammel and Dr Jacques Otto , The Intravita research & development team ( who we source our vitamins from) who have further developed the formula based on clinical information and many years of experience.

Why is it more beneficial to administer vitamins intravenously than to ingest them?

Intravenous therapy ensures 100% absorption direct into the blood stream, oral absorption varies in the individual but clinical studies show as an average around 55% after passing through the digestive tract.

How are the vitamins usually administered – drip or injection?

All of our treatments are developed to treat specific symptoms ranging from fatigue, severe dehydration, sickness, common cold, dry skin and many more. The patient specific treatment and the means of administering will be determined based on the individual needs. This is a prescriptive treatment and is managed accordingly.

What does it feel like – many people are afraid of needles. How long does the treatment take?

From our patient feedback, surprisingly perhaps, the vast majority of clients report the experience to be an enjoyable one! Even are most anxious clients have enjoyed their treatment and found it almost pain-free.

There will be a scratch as the cannula is inserted into the vein but we can always use some local anaesthetic cream if people request it. It is done in a relaxed, but clinical environment so clients feel safe and reassured that they are in safe hands. Such is the impression made on most clients that they cannot help but talk favorably about it with their friends afterwards.

What is in the vitamin blend that is administered? How many treatments do you offer?

RIVERINFUSIONS has 5 Intravenous and 2 Intramuscular treatments, all of which have been specifically designed to treat specific symptoms.

What are the benefits? How quickly will you feel them?

This will depend per individual and how severe symptoms are prior to the IV therapy. On average most report a benefit within 2 hours of receiving the treatment, in others the benefits kick in after a couple of days. Everyone is different.

What can you expect to feel short-term, and long-term?

Again this will depend on the infusion given. For all treatments your body will be fully hydrated. Individuals report increased energy levels for up to 4-7 days and from a preventative health perspective no longer suffer from the common cold and flu. In addition, a high percentage see a significant difference in their skin and nail condition.

What sort of person (lifestyle, health complaints, medical issues) will benefit most?

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they do what is necessary to avoid ill health, including a daily fitness regimen, ensuring maximum sleep, eating a healthy diet and staying hydrated. Most individuals who do not or cannot achieve this will most likely have symptoms that will benefit from Intravenous therapy.

How long do the results last and how often should you come back for infusions?

In most cases the results will last between two to four weeks but people living extremely hectic and busy lifestyles who never get enough sleep or who are in training will often benefit from having treatments more frequently.

If you have a balanced diet do you still need the treatment?

In an ideal world a healthy balanced diet would mean that the treatment would not be necessary. But we do not live in that ideal world and very few people including top nutritionists and biochemists can really say they have a truly balanced diet. Most of us rely far too heavily on pre-packaged processed foods containing unhealthy ingredients and even if we eat sufficient organic raw fruit and vegetables we still cannot rely in obtaining optimum nutrition as the soil quality in which these foods are grown today is much worse than it was 20 or 30 years ago.

They have been called ‘party drips’ and said to cure hangovers…Is this a good thing to be associated with? Comment?

Many symptoms of hangovers are caused by dehydration including nausea and headache. Naturally, if the body is being rehydrated via Intravenous therapy, symptoms will be reduced. RIVERINFUSIONS has also a recovery infusion to treat symptoms of sickness & diarrhea, viral illness and food poisoning.

Can you use different prescripton/treatments for different purposes?

Different blends and treatments are used for different purposes. Some are designed for optimum hydration whilst others for example are designed to replace flagging energy or to help with slimming or boost your immune system.

Are there any side effects?

At RIVERINFUSIONS we ensure that a comprehensive medical history is taken prior to treatment to avoid any potential complications. Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward are both practicing doctors so you are in safe hands should a problem arise.

Anyone who can’t have intravenous vitamins?

The client medical questionnaire is comprehensive & probing to make sure that there are no contraindications for intravenous vitamins.

What to look for in a clinic?

There are a number of clinics and outlets offering intravenous infusions . But just as there are clinics and outlets offering Botox and dermal fillers it is essential that informed clients understand the importance of selecting the right ones.
A reputable clinic should always be in a truly clinical setting with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Staff should be qualified and experienced and able to prove it with all the necessary documentation and registration.

How much is a treatment?

Our Intravenous treatments range from £175 to £225 and our Intramuscular injections range from £50-75.

Mention of any bodies who have approved use of intravenous vitamins?

IV therapy is not governed by any specific governing body, it is the responsibility of the Doctor or in this case the Brand to ensure all Medical protocols are aligned to regulations,
In the UK that would be the MHRA, GMC and the CQC. River Aesthetics is currently in the process of becoming CQC approved and in addition is engaged with the MHRA..

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