Skin care

Skin care and sun damage

Sunlight (solar or UV radiation) is the single most important factor in skin damage and skin ageing. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation accelerates and amplifies all major ageing signs, including wrinkles, pigmentation, vascular disorders, dehydration and collagen degradation.

The term ‘sun damage’ is usually used to refer to major changes in the skin’s characteristics caused by prolonged, unprotected exposure to UV radiation. Typical symptoms are weak underlying structures, mottling, ‘pebbling’, crepeyness or thinning, roughness, dryness, inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Sun avoidance is of course crucial to avoiding sun damage. When sun exposure is unavoidable, regular application of a high SPF (more than SPF30) sunscreen will provide protection against UV radiation.

Treating sun-damaged skin

For the damage that has already been done, treatments are available to help restore skin’s vitality and function.

At River Aesthetics, you will receive a comprehensive skin consultation and a tailored treatment plan, recommending key aesthetic treatments alongside an advanced skincare regime to help address your concerns.


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