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River Aesthetics is the centre of excellence for non-surgical rejuvenation. Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward are advanced medical aesthetic doctors that specialise in facial treatments, body sculpting, and wellness. For skin tightening, Bournemouth patients can be treated with the BTL EXILIS Ultra 360™It corrects skin on the face and body that has lost elasticity and laxity.   

Aesthetic Excellence in Bournemouth: Skin Tightening Treatments

BTL EXILIS Ultra 360™ is a skin tightening treatment in Bournemouth that sends radiofrequency through the skin to ignite the tissue. It is designed for patients that have loose skin around the face and body, which can be caused by weight loss, childbirth, and ageing. This method is used by Dr Manning and Dr Woodward as a way of toning the skin and creating a smooth appearance. 

By delivering radiofrequency simultaneously into the epidermis, the controlled heating and cooling provides energy to multiple depths within the tissue. The deeper tissues and superficial layers will be safely treated, with the ability to adapt the power and cooling, making this an effective treatment for skin tightening. Bournemouth patients will not experience any downtime and they can return to day-to-day activities. 

What Areas Can be Treated?

This particular Bournemouth skin tightening treatment can lift loose skin on various areas around the face and body. Below, we have listed the areas that can be treated.

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    Face (including eyes)


    Arms and Hands






    Do You Need Multiple Treatments?

    To achieve optimum results when treated for skin tightening in Bournemouth, we recommend a series of 4-6 treatments. Every plan is different depending on your condition and the outcome you want to achieve. Each session of BTL EXILIS Ultra 360™ takes between 30-60 minutes. 

    Will You Experience Any Pain? 

    When undergoing this form of skin tightening, Bournemouth patients will not experience any pain. The sensation feels like a warm, heated massage. Our aesthetic doctors will monitor your body temperature and the settings will be adjusted to ensure that you remain comfortable. 

    How Quickly Will You See Results?

    After your Bournemouth skin tightening treatment, you will see a noticeable change 12 weeks in. Your skin will appear smoother and it will recapture your youthful glow, tightening puckered or sagging skin. 

    Does it Work with Any Other Treatments?

    The BTL EXILIS Ultra 360™ is suitable as a standalone treatment, but it can also be beneficial as a follow-on procedure from CoolSculpting. For effective skin tightening in Bournemouth, you can also combine this treatment with Silhouette Soft thread liftEllanse and HydraFacial. 

    Skin Tightening: Bournemouth Patients to Achieve Natural-Looking Results

    River Aesthetics is the leading cosmetic medicine and aesthetic clinic in the UK, providing natural-looking results through non-surgical rejuvenation. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward previously worked as General Practitioners before embarking on the aesthetics industry. As well as being a base for treatments in skin tightening, Bournemouth-based River Aesthetics is a UK training centre for multiple techniques.

    Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are global trainers, teaching industry professionals locally and nationally. Our award-winning clinic is a renowned name in London’s ‘little black book’ of aesthetic experts, and we also have an industry presence along the South Coast. Due to our natural-looking solutions and educational approach, we have become a trusted name around the world.

    Over the years we have built up a clientele of high-profile figures from the world of film, TV, sport and politics. We are individually focused and use a bespoke phased treatment approach.

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