I would like to pass on my heartfelt congratulations to you Dr Victoria, Dr Charlotte and your co workers for your award.
I couldn’t be more pleased for you as it is so deserving and couldn’t happen to two of the most lovely caring people in the aesthetics profession.
I haven’t had much experience with other clinics, but enough to know I found myself a true jewel in you both.
I look forward to seeing you in the coming year
Very best regards Karen x

I’ve been having treatments with Charlotte & Victoria for a year now and I am thrilled with the results. I have tried various clinics over the years for Botox and Fillers however I can unequivocally say these ladies are the best. You feel no pressure and get genuine advice. I started my journey with Botox but having already investigated threads I wanted to get advice as to whether they would work for me, a year on I’ve now had face and neck threads and I can honestly say I feel great. On the whole people can’t work out what I’ve had done just that I look fresh which was exactly what I wanted. If you want to feel confident and look great then a visit to see Charlotte and Victoria is a must. Thanks ladies for giving me my confidence back. – H

I would absolutely recommend River Aesthetic to anyone. I deliberated for a couple of years about what to do about my lower face and diminishing jawline definition. I was not brave enough to have a facelift – could not afford the down time, but had wasted enough money on wonder creams and serums. The PDO thread lift was the perfect solution yielding immediate results which continue to improve over the months. My experience was such a positive one that I would like to share it with other people who are still undecided or nervous.
Does it hurt? No, slightly uncomfortable that is all.
Does it take long? Not at all and no down time needed but I would recommend a Friday treatment if you work.
Is it expensive? No more than a couple of decent handbags or pairs of shoes – which are only worn or used for a couple of months. I thought my face is on show 24/7 so definitely worth the investment.
The doctors? Awesome, could not be better. I was so nervous driving to the clinic, but the doctors just filled me with confidence. Very professional but so easy to talk to. The procedure was clearly explained, and I loved the idea that they are qualified doctors in medicine – not beauticians.
This is my genuine reflection and experience. If I can give someone else who is going through the should I or shouldn’t I stage the confidence to Go For It, that would be great. I love to share good things, so be the best you can be. Thank you Drs Victoria & Charlotte X
– MH

” I’ve had several treatments at River Aesthetic, ranging from EDS to Therma Vein, but by far the most exciting and rewarding has been the insertion of facial Threads, which have smoothed out the lines between my nose and jawline and boosted my confidence. The effect is instant and the down time fairly minimal compared with other procedures. Once any slight bruising has disappeared, there is no way of knowing that any work has taken place. I’m already planning my next appointment for similar work on another part of my face. ”
Best wishes – M

The best decision I have made for a long, long time was to go to see Victoria at River Aesthetics. She gave me the confidence to go ahead with a course of ‘infusions’ tailored for my crumbling needs. When I got home after the first session I noticed my energy and enthusiasm for life in general had greatly improved and a bonus my normal aches were so subdued as to being nearly non existent. I now have regular sessions and trust Victoria 100% due to the fact that she is a Doctor and I know understands the physiological bonuses that the infusions can give you. I thoroughly recommend a visit to River Aesthetics as they will give you sound advice for a treatment tailored to your needs.
– V

” I was really pleased with the service from my first visit having never done anything like this before I was a little nervous, excited and apprehensive all mixed up together but I felt very safe and had faith that the physician knew exactly what they were doing.”
– J
” Victoria is wonderful. Always so professional, friendly and excellent treatments with pleasing results. Highly recommend.” – S

” A very professional and reassuring clinic” – L

” I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the excellent results you have achieved, in restoring a more youthful facial appearance following relatively minor Botox therapy for smoothing my severe forehead frown lines. Also the use of non- permanent hyaluronic acid filler in my lower cheek/ jawline area, considerably reduced my jowl lines and produced a marked improvement in my facial volume. The latter gave instant results which dramatically reduced the signs of ageing in my face and enhanced the contour of my jaw line.

Your professional approach combined with clinical expertise, fulfilled me with total confidence that the minor cosmetic therapy I received, would produce a highly satisfying result. Your clinic environment is calm and relaxing and complements the treatment regimens perfectly.

Subsequent to the therapy, many friends and colleagues have commented that I have looked more relaxed recently and often people I meet for the first time, do not believe my actual age and believed that I was at least 10 years younger. Indeed the photographs taken before and after treatment bear testimony to the excellent results obtained and I am so pleased with the outcome.
I will have no hesitation in returning for more therapy, when this is required, as I realise that top up treatment is necessary from time to time, as the treatments are non-permanent.

I therefore wish your clinic, Riverside Aesthetics, every success for the future and I look forward to my next visit, as I continue on my pathway of facial rejuvenation.”
– P

” I want to thank Charlotte for the fantastic treatment with threads!
I’ve had a breastlift, and the result is stunning. My breasts are centimeters higher now!
During the treatment she constantly asked me if i was doing fine, she took great care of me!
If you’re thinking about a thread treatment, I will absolutely recommend Charlotte, she is an amazing doctor! ”
– L
” Professional, knowledgeable, informative and sincere!
Both Charlotte and Victoria are innovators and have an infectious enthusiasm for delivering the best results possible. They have gained a great reputation for being thorough, exact, fully educated and informed. Both are Doctors and they remain at the cutting edge of knowledge through seminars and training conferences both in the UK and abroad. Their depth of knowledge about the human body and its intricacies is first class easily assessing what works well for different people and their needs. Sympathetic, kind and a great sense of humour – you will be in very safe hands.”
– A

” I have suffered from chronic daily migraines for many years and I have tried every type of treatment going not to mention numerous different types of medication. I was constantly in pain and it stopped me from enjoying normal activities and living a normal life. After extensive research I discovered people were having botox for headaches, I had heard of river aesthetics in Lymington and as it is run by doctors I decided to have a consultation after which I booked my appointment! I was a bit nervous but Victoria is so lovely I felt at ease.

The procedure was quick and after about 2 days I started to notice my headaches were going… Two weeks later and I have had at least an 80% reduction in headaches and while I am writing this I cant remember the last time I took pain relief! I am so happy I feel normal for the first time in years, botox has changed my life and aesthetically I am really pleased too as I just look healthier.

Thankyou so much river aesthetics I will be forever continuing with botox! ”
– J

” Unfortunately I have inherited a double chin from both sides of my family, put this together with age related jowls and no jaw definition the result was pretty awful. Not wanting to have surgery like my sister to lose these unwanted chins and jowls, you can imagine my delight when I discovered this thread lifting procedure.
After every aspect of the procedure was explained to me and the fact that only a GP can administer the treatment I was very confident that I was in safe hands and that this treatment is safe and extremely effective.

One side of my face was treated first,numbing injections were administrated to prevent any discomfort during the procedure. The procedure commenced, during which I was frequently asked if I was ok, which I was. There was no pain during the treatment, but periodically It felt a little uncomfortable. The procedure took about 90 minutes.

The instant results were unbelievable, my jowls were gone, my jaw had definition and my turkey neck was greatly improved, the bottom part of my face was lifted, the crease lines on my upper lips were smoothed out. Even better, the lines will continue tighten for 3 months, I can see an improvement every day, plus this should last at least 2 years or more.
I am delighted with this treatment and the best bit…. My chins don’t wobble when I laugh or walk! My new chin and neck are equally as good as the results my sister got from her 4 hour surgery.

I highly recommend Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward at River Aesthetics Lymington for this thread lift treatment treatment, you will be in very safe hands,and, like me, you will love the results.”
– C

” I have had various treatments at River Aesthetics including Botox and fillers and have been very pleased with the results. Best botox I’ve ever had ” – C
” I’m one of your first patients and I keep coming back,doesn’t that tell you something ” – K

” Although I’ve only recently started having treatments with Charlotte ,who I find amazing she explains everything every step of the way so accommodating and such a kind Dr .Charlotte has a soft touch and get procedures done quickly so far I love my treatments and can see a huge difference .I would highly recommend River Aesthetics ! five star treatment and service! I started using the Obagi skin care range recently on Charlotte’s recommendation and hopefully I will see amazing results “

In May 2013 my parents dog bit my face. I had multiple stitches on both the inside of my mouth and on my face. Over the last 2 years Dr Victoria has helped me get my confidence back. I have had various treatments most recently some filler in the biggest scar. The scars are hardly visible now. Even my GP is surprised at how good the scars look. I have complete confidence in Dr Victoria and I would recommend her to anyone who found themselves in a similar situation.
– A

“I love going to visit this clinic, Very professional and friendly ! I feel at Ease the moment I walk through the door and come out looking and feeling amazing !!!!”
– C
“The service from RA is impeccable & discreet. Both Charlotte & Victoria show great devotion & enthusiasm for the treatments they offer. First class!
– S

‘I try hard to look good and have been told I look younger than my years, but hitting 54 years of age I noticed drooping  jowls appearing, marionette lines growing deeper and a turkey neck!  I started to feel old and my confidence levels dropped.

I have never wanted surgery or a plastic look so when Dr Victoria suggested Silhouette silk I was very interested. Victoria explained how the treatment worked and how quick it was and compared to surgery was affordable so I jumped at the chance.

On the day I was a bit nervous but both Victoria and Charlotte were very reassuring and put me it ease. First I had an injection on each side of my face which I could hardly feel and then waited for the anaesthetic to take hold!

The actual procedure was painless and quick. I had four threads put in my cheeks on each side. You feel a pushing sensation and it feels a bit weird but that’s it.

Immediately the treatment was over I was given a mirror to see the results and really couldn’t believe how quickly it had worked. My jowls had disappeared, married lines softened and hardly a turkey neck in sight! It had wiped years off me!

After the treatment my face felt a little sore, I couldn’t open my mouth to wide and eating certain hard foods was difficult but over a week things settled down.

When my friends saw me they were amazed how good I looked and in fact one friend after seeing the results booked herself in for the same treatment there and then!

Two weeks on and people who don’t know I have had anything done tell me how youthful I look and I just smile and thank them for the compliment. I feel so much happier and confident and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone’.  G Lymington 


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