A brand-new revolutionary treatment developed specifically to increase collagen production and create volumisation of the labia majora, this procedure harnesses thread technology to improve the appearance of the intimate area and tackle uncomfortable vaginal issues relating to ageing.

Feminine Vaginal Rejuvenation

The labia majora consists of the outermost folds, or lips, surrounding the vagina. Women may particularly notice their labia majora changing after childbirth and during menopause. As women age, the labia majora loses laxity and can take on a deflated appearance with a reduction in tone and firmness. This loss of plumpness of the labia majora can lead to increased dryness of the vaginal skin causing discomfort, irritation and pain or lack of sensation during intercourse.

This new Labial Puff technique is a quick and non-surgical treatment that rejuvenates & restores the labia using APTOS Nano Spring threads. Intended for the revitalization and volumizing the labia majora, this resorbable spirally wrapped thread maintains its elasticity and shape after insertion and greatly increases the labial volume as the springs unwind. The procedure is easy & fast, with minimum operation time and practically no downtime, with an additional positive influence on a patient’s psychological wellbeing brought about by such improvements.

River Aesthetics is one of the UK’s top thread lifting clinics, where we empower our patients to age well by achieving beautiful, natural-looking results. Trained by the inventors and pioneers of APTOS vaginal threads, Dr Victoria Manning & Dr Charlotte Woodward are the only doctors in the South of England qualified to offer this treatment. Book your vaginal thread lift consultation today.

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    Is the procedure painful?

    The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes less than 30 minutes to carry out. Most of our patients report minimal discomfort during the procedure if any and have very few symptoms afterwards

    Who will carry out the procedure?

    The treatment will be carried out by our in-house female clinical directors. Both are GPs with a wealth of gynaecological experience.

    When will I see my results?

    Results vary from patient to patient, and is dependent on the degree of deflation of the labia and whilst many patients will report seeing an immediate improvement, new collagen (neocollagenesis) takes about three months to develop

    How long will my results last?

    Most results last up to 18 months, however this is very much patient dependent with lifestyle playing an important part, if you are a cyclist or horse rider your results may not last as long due to the impact on the labial area.

    Am I a suitable candidate?

    If you are a female suffering from labial volume loss due to the ageing process, a non-surgical labial treatment could be right for you. However, this treatment is contra-indicated for those patients with any underlying autoimmune undiagnosed labial skin infections. We also recommended that a recent smear test is performed prior to the procedure.

    What does my aftercare involve?

    After the treatment there may be some swelling, localised redness at the injection site and tenderness, this is normal and transient and will resolve. Bruising and swelling can be reduced with the application of an ice pack. Avoid aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-coagulants and vitamin C for 2 days following treatment.

    Slight bleeding may occur post treatment and is normal and will settle

    Avoid swimming, vigorous exercise, Turkish baths, jacuzzis & baths for 10 days after treatment, and sexual intercourse or any activities that put pressure on the treated area for 5 days such as cycling, horse riding etc.


    Dr Victoria Manning


    “Many women suffer in silence with vaginal and urinary symptoms following childbirth and the menopause. Whether it is leaking when you exercise or have discomfort during sexual intercourse, we have many non-surgical treatment options available and as female GPs we can discuss these in a safe caring environment.”

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