The River Strategy against Covid-19

Due to popular demand, we are now offering testing for Covid-19 antibodies. The test is able to see if you have had Covid-19 and should not be confused with the antigen test that can determine if you currently have the infection.


Not currently available on the NHS, the anti-body test gives peace of mind to individual’s wanting to know if they have been previously exposed to COVID-19 and now have antibodies. Conducted under medical supervision and carried out using approved PPE, a small sample of your blood will be tested to determine if you have already had the virus.

If a positive result is confirmed – it does NOT guarantee immunity to further infection and further contraction of coronavirus is possible. Length of any immunity is not known and the ability to spread the virus is still possible. Continuation of following current national pandemic protection guidelines is still recommended.

Where a negative result is confirmed – it does NOT necessarily mean infection did not occur. You may have not yet have built up enough antibodies.

We need to keep our clinic a Covid-19 Free Zone, so please do not attend if you think you currently infected.

For more information on our Covid-19 Antibody Testing please contact the clinic today.

Client Testimonials

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    Dr Victoria Manning


    The world is now adapting and reacting to the changing times. It is increasing likely that people will test positive with COVID-19. We understand that you are anxious and need peace of mind to know whether you have been exposed to COVID-19.”

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