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As the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic, River Aesthetics adopts innovative approaches to skin rejuvenation, body sculpting and wellness. For individuals that want to tone and strengthen muscles, Cutera’s truSculpt® flex treatment is designed to achieve results that would otherwise require hours spent in the gym. We were the first clinic in the UK and Europe to provide these treatments.

Innovative Muscle Sculpting Treatment

The truSculpt® flex procedure is a personalised tool that can be tailored to your shape, fitness level and goals. It uses Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to provide three different treatment modes, including prep mode, tone mode and sculpt mode. The system replicates intense crunches, squats and twisting movements, providing your body with a workout of sorts without having to be in the gym.

River Aesthetics founders Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward will create a tailored treatment plan for you, focusing on your specific requirements. Unlike any other muscle sculpting treatment, Cutera’s invention can target up to eight muscle groups in one session. It is a fast, safe and effective way to tone and strengthen muscles.

truSculpt® flex Treatment Increases Muscle Mass by 30%

Muscle sculpting procedures will not create desired results unless they are tailored specifically to the individual undergoing the treatment. Everyone is at a different fitness level, which is what we take into account when devising the appropriate treatment plan. Clinical studies have shown that patients will experience around 30% increase in muscle mass following the procedure.

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    Once you have consulted with us, we will schedule in a date for you to undergo the truSculpt® flex procedure. It takes four treatments for the method to take effect, with each session lasting up to 45 minutes. Patients will have 8-16 applicators placed in the target areas that will emit low levels of electricity to stimulate contractions in the muscle. 

    This particular muscle sculpting treatment can target multiple areas of the body, including the following:






    The FDA-approved truSculpt® flex procedure will enhance your athletic performance as well as tighten and lift your muscles. Many River Aesthetics patients choose this treatment as a way to tone their figure, but it is also proven to reduce back pain and make your body stronger. Australian supermodel and businesswoman Elle Macpherson is an A-list figure that has benefitted from this particular treatment.

    Muscle Sculpting Procedures Performed by Renowned Doctors

    Dr Manning and Dr Woodward established River Aesthetics after embarking on the aesthetics industry following years working as General Practitioners. They have developed a range of natural-looking treatments and have adopted an educational approach that has earned plaudits from recognised industry bodies. No patient will ever be advised a treatment that our doctors would not undergo themselves, which is why the truSculpt® flex procedure can be trusted to achieve desired results.

    Muscle sculpting procedures are within our extensive portfolio of treatments, which also include collagen stimulation and wellness. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are industry trainers in a variety of treatments, teaching local and national professionals. They are also international speakers and media contributors, lending their medical expertise to the aesthetics industry.

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