Vaginal Tightening Bournemouth

River Aesthetics is the centre of excellence for non-surgical rejuvenation. Clinical directors Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward are global trainers in multiple treatments for the face and body. As advanced medical aesthetic doctors, they provide wellness treatments, including vaginal tightening. Bournemouth patients will undergo treatment from effective device BTL Ultra Femme 360™.

Aesthetic Excellence in Bournemouth: Vaginal Tightening Solutions

BTL Ultra Femme 360™ is a non-surgical treatment that uses radiofrequency energy and heat to stimulate blood flow and enhance collagen production. By heating up the tissues it will create vaginal tightening. In Bournemouth, patients who have vaginal laxity, labial volume loss or stress incontinence can be treated.

River Aesthetics is the only clinic from Bournemouth to the West Country that uses BTL Ultra Femme 360™ for vaginal tightening. Bournemouth patients will be booked in for three sessions, each one being carried out one week apart. Optimal results will be seen 3 months after treatment, with many patients experiencing an immediate improvement after the first session.

Candidates for Treatment

At our clinic in Bournemouth, vaginal tightening will be carried out by either Dr Manning or Dr Woodward. Naturally, the production of collagen lessens as a result of age, with vaginal muscles sometimes losing tone. This can lead to stress incontinence and can also affect the quality of a woman’s sex life.

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    Many women seek vaginal tightening in Bournemouth after they have several children. During birth, the vaginal muscles expand to create a canal for the baby. Following multiple births, some women can be left with vaginal muscles that are:





    How Does the BTL Ultra Femme 360™ Work?

    When undergoing vaginal tightening, Bournemouth patients will not feel pain or discomfort. The device will insert a disposable tip into the vaginal canal. It will cover the entirety of the canal, from the opening towards the cervix. Radiofrequency waves are emitted from the BTL Ultra Femme 360™, penetrating the tissues, and heating up the cells.

    Our Bournemouth vaginal tightening treatment will trigger the production of collagen, as well as increase circulation and blood flow.

    How Long Does the Treatment Take?

    It takes less than half an hour for Dr Manning or Dr Woodward to complete your vaginal tightening in Bournemouth, and there is no downtime post-treatment. The sensation of the BTL Ultra Femme 360™ mimics a hot stone massage.

    Do You Require Frequent Treatments?

    For vaginal tightening, Bournemouth patients will receive a bespoke treatment plan. During the consultation period, we will discuss your requirements and explain the procedure in detail. Our doctors will recommend top-up treatments if necessary.

    Effective Vaginal Tightening: Bournemouth Patients Treated by World Renowned Doctors

    River Aesthetics is an award-winning clinic that specialises in non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, including vaginal tightening. Bournemouth, Poole and London have all benefited from the expertise of Dr Manning and Dr Woodward. Both have decades of experience working as General Practitioners before embarking on the aesthetics industry.

    Due to our educational approach, we have been recognised by industry bodies. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are global trainers, teaching local and national professionals’ multiple techniques and treatments. Our high exposure has led to River Aesthetics attracting a clientele of high-profile figures from the world of TV, film, sport and politics.

    We provide aesthetic solutions but also educate, which is an approach that has made us internationally renowned in the industry. River Aesthetics is individually focused and dedicated to helping our patients become the best version of themselves.

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    To discuss treatments for vaginal tightening, Bournemouth patients should call 01202 029 098. A consultation with either Dr Manning or Dr Woodward will be arranged.

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