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Are you currently in the process of exploring your options when it comes to anti-ageing treatment? Poole residents, you have come to the right place as River Aesthetics has several options available for you. Book a face to face consultation with us today by calling 01202 024 060!

The Finest Anti-Ageing Treatments Poole Will Be Amazed By

Welcome to River Aesthetics – the leading cosmetic medicine clinic in the Dorset area. We understand that first impressions are made in a matter of seconds. In order to make a good one on everyone you meet, you may want to consider one of our Poole anti-ageing treatments described below!

Dermal Fillers

River Aesthetics is part of the UK training team for ELLANSE® – an exciting treatment that defines the new generation of collagen stimulators. The volumising effects and wrinkle correction makes this one of our most sought-after anti-ageing treatments Poole patients regularly request.

ELLANSE® is the perfect choice for men and women who want to revitalise their skin and restore its firmness through natural collagen stimulation. The effects are impressive and long-lasting, giving you a fresh natural look.

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    IPL Acne Treatment

    Here at River Aesthetics, we offer Lumenis M22 acne treatment, which consists of an applicator that emits short pulses of intense light onto your skin. The blue light used in this process penetrates skin layers and helps remove the bacteria that leads to acne. Simultaneously, inflammation and excess skin oil (sebum) will be reduced by the infra-red light, therefore limiting the appearance of acne.

    Selecting this option is much better than opting for oral medication as the results can be seen after just a handful of treatments. Plus, this particular method uses a notch filter that eliminates bacteria and shrinks the sebaceous glands.

    Skin Tightening Carried Out by Industry Professionals

    We all want to achieve firm toned skin that is smooth and naturally fresh. As we age, lose weight or go through childbirth, skin can lose its elasticity. This is where our Poole anti-ageing treatments come in.

    With Exilis Ultra 360™, you can leave puckered or sagging skin in the rear-view mirror. You will benefit from a toned appearance and turn back the clock when you choose this procedure from among the different anti-ageing treatments Poole has available.

    Your confidence is guaranteed to increase after this comfortable, completely non-invasive procedure has been carried out. Exilis Ultra 360™ can be applied to all areas of the face and the body to achieve a youthful look all year round!

    Skin Resurfacing and Rejuvenating Anti-Ageing Treatments Poole Patients Adore

    Here at River Aesthetics, we recommend the HydraFacial™ treatment for anyone searching for a non-invasive procedure. The treatment will be tailored to your skin’s specific concerns and combine the following six procedures into one:

    • Detox
    • Cleansing
    • Exfoliation
    • Extraction
    • Hydration
    • Antioxidant Protection

    When it comes to anti-ageing treatments in Poole, you simply cannot go wrong with HydraFacial™. The results will be seen immediately and are long-lasting, with no downtime.

    Choose River Aesthetics to Carry Out Your Poole Anti-Ageing Treatments

    The River Aesthetics team has won numerous awards over the years and built up a loyal network all over the nation. In fact, many people seek out one of our anti-ageing treatments in Poole after being referred by a friend or family member, which makes us very proud.

    We work by the motto “let the patient be ready for treatment” which means always allowing for adequate cooldown time between the consultation and the procedure. You couldn’t be in safer hands!

    Our approach is all about helping you be the best version of yourself through accredited anti-ageing treatments. Poole patients can trust our qualified experts to always go the extra mile and create a welcoming environment you’ll enjoy returning to.

    No two situations are ever exactly the same, so neither are two treatment plans at River Aesthetics. We believe in providing a truly bespoke solution that takes your unique needs and skin type into account.

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