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Clair’s Breast Lift Blog

Thread lift day!

Wow! Okay, just got home from what I consider a successful procedure, feeling slightly tender, my chest feels very tight, but no pain.
I have been strapped up with surgical tape, which makes me feel secure, and with my bra on I feel very uplifted.
Off to bed, my chest still feels a bit swollen and tender, which is to be expected, but very happy so far.

1 week later

Totally excited! I have been waiting to take my tape off all week.
Charlotte did advise to remove the tape after a couple of days, but I have left it on for nearly a week and now can’t wait to take a peek at my new uplifted breasts.
(Navigating the shower has been a laborious ritual, ensuring the tape did not get wet)
My breasts have felt tender all week, which is to be expected, with mild discomfort at night.
I found the best position to sleep has been on my back.
My daily activities/work have not been affected, although I have missed the gym, and looking forward to restarting my exercise regime again next week.

The big reveal

Goodness, I can see an immediate difference already.
Both breasts look symmetrical and firmer.
They feel firmer too, so all good, although to be honest, they’re still pretty sensitive.
I have one tiny bruise on my left breast but that’s not a problem.
I have not had to take any painkillers and positively looking forward to the progress

1 month later

All discomfort has completely disappeared, the bruise has gone and absolutely no visual sign of the procedure – looking good!
Have been back exercising every day and wearing a soft bra at night.
I’m utterly thrilled with my new breasts, they are blossoming, rounding out and definitely much more aesthetically pleasing. I’m thrilled with them !

3 months later

My breasts are absolutely great.
They have normal sensitivity and no after effects whatsoever.
They look fuller, feel firmer and are amazing.
I’m feeling extremely pleased

6 months later

Well I’m not ashamed to say, I can enter the gym changing room and lift my top with unabashed pride.
My breasts have over the last few months continued to feel tighter, definitely more uplifted and when I look in the mirror, I see a decent pair of breasts staring back at me !
I’m also amazed at how natural they feel and appear.
They are symmetrical and I love them, and all this from such a minimally invasive procedure.
My partner has commented that they feel different too-they are more toned, firmer and rounder.
I am absolutely thrilled with the result.

Charlotte and Victoria have been so friendly and helpful.
They are warm and extremely professional and supported me through the procedure and afterwards.
I felt in very safe hands
I will continue to update them with my uplift experience…..I love it!!

I am also happy to chat to anyone considering this procedure and for them to see the result in person, as I feel photographs really do not do this procedure full justice.

Before and after thread lift treatments

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January 2016

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