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We are in a national lockdown how are you able to stay open?

The clinic is able to offer medical treatments only. These services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Can I have my Botox treatment as planned?

If you are having treatment purely for cosmetic purposes we are unable to treat you, if you are having it for a medical reason such as migraines, tension headaches, teeth clenching or excess sweating we are able to treat you.

Am I able to have my lips filled?

Unfortunately we are unable to carry out lip augmentation during lockdown as it is considered cosmetic.

Can I go ahead with my River lift?

At your appointment you will undergo a full medical consultation, addressing lifestyle, diet and skin analysis. Once your diagnosis is assigned, we can then create a bespoke treatment plan for you. If it is felt that proceeding with the treatment is medically in your best interest, we will carry out the treatment.

Can I have Unison for cellulite reduction?

Unfortunately cellulite is considered cosmetic so we are unable to carry out this treatment currently. However in the meantime we can get you started on our adjunctive home treatment plan for cellulite plan using Skinade . So when you start your treatment you can expect amazing results.

Can I get my chin filled? I have an overbite and I find my profile quite upsetting.

A class 2 chin which is the technical name for a receded chin, often associated with an overbite can cause patients distress. A quick treatment will augment the chin, add anterior projection and improve profile and confidence. We are currently able to offer this treatment.

Am I able to get a B12 shot during lockdown?

Despite B12 shots being very much on trend, as a medical clinic we would never just give you an intramuscular vitamin without knowing your actual serum levels. In view of this we recommend a blood test to both `assess your initial B12 levels and monitor levels ongoing. Giving B12 injections without understanding the physiology behind it can lead to Vit B12 toxicity. We can offer this screening and treatment during lockdown.

I may run out of my hormones during lockdown, will I be able to get a repeat prescription?

All our patients on bioidentical hormone therapy will have access to the clinic for consultations and reviews. So yes we will be able to see you during lockdown.

Here at River Aesthetics, your health is our primary concern.

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