Ellansé Collagen Stimulation Treatment Bournemouth

River Aesthetics is part of the UK Training Team for Ellansé dermal fillers, a treatment that targets the underlying causes of ageing. Clinical directors Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward use the innovative method to restore collagen and correct wrinkles. One of the most effective ways of volumising the skin is by undergoing Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment. Bournemouth patients will be recommended the most suitable filler for their needs. 

In the Heart of Bournemouth: Ellansé Collagen Stimulation Treatment for Women and Men 

As global trainers, Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are experienced in treating patients with Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment in Bournemouth. This procedure uses bio-stimulation to trigger the bodys natural process of producing collagen. The filler is made up of Poly caprolactone microspheres and carboxymethylcellulose carrier gel that is broken down into carbon dioxide and water by the body. 

By choosing Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment, Bournemouth patients will achieve natural-looking results. The volumising effects will smooth out lines and wrinkles, leaving your face appearing refreshed and youthful. Men and women looking to reshape and contour their faces using natural methods will benefit from this treatment.  

River Aesthetics has carried out Bournemouth Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment on many patients concerned about the signs of ageing. As we get older, we lose collagen and elastin, which are proteins that uphold the structural integrity of our skin. As a result, the skin loses elasticity and begins to sag. Ellansé dermal fillers correct these issues by triggering the body to produce more collagen. The treatment corrects the following: 

Nasolabial Folds 

Marionette Lines 

Temporal Hollowing 

Lines and Wrinkles 

Sunken Cheeks 

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    How Long Does the Treatment Take? 

    The length of our Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment in Bournemouth depends on the volume being used and the areas being treated. Generally, the process takes 30 to 60 minutes. Ellansé is injected into the skin using a fine needle or cannula. We apply local anaesthetic to the areas before beginning the procedure.  

    Following the Bournemouth Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment, we recommend that you avoid intense exercise for 24 hours. Also, do not take anti-inflammatory medication for 72 hours after treatment. 

    When Will You See Results? 

    Immediately after the Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment, Bournemouth patients will notice a smoother appearance and volumisation of the skin. Over time, Ellansé will continue to stimulate collagen production, giving patients long-lasting results. 

    Why is Ellansé Different? 

    Many patients choose Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment in Bournemouth because it differs from traditional fillers. Not only does it correct lines and wrinkles, but it also signals the body to continue producing collagen for 1 to 3 years. 

    Ellansé Collagen Stimulation Treatment Used by Bournemouth-based Trainers 

    River Aesthetics is the centre of excellence for collagen stimulation. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are advanced medical aesthetic doctors that are also global trainers in numerous procedures, including Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment. Bournemouth patients will be treated by experts that have taught industry professionals locally and nationally. 

    The former General Practitioners specialise in non-surgical rejuvenation. The foundations of River Aesthetics are built on producing natural-looking results and adopting an educational approach. With Dr Manning and Dr Woodward being trainers in Ellansé collagen stimulation treatment, Bournemouth patients can trust that they are in safe hands. 

    We would never recommend a treatment that we would not undergo ourselves, so expect full transparency during the consultation process. Our award-winning clinic made it into Londonlittle black book’ of aesthetic experts, and now we are the leading cosmetic medicine and aesthetic clinic on the South Coast. 

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