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River Aesthetics is a reputable clinic for aesthetic excellence, with experienced medical experts Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward providing a portfolio of treatments, including CoolSculpting. This is a revolutionary non-surgical treatment for targeted fat freezing. Bournemouth patients can learn more about our body sculpting methods by arranging a consultation.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical treatment that targets stubborn areas of fat. In essence, it is fat freezing. Bournemouth patients will have numerous fat cells eliminated in a safe and effective manner. This particular treatment utilises the latest and most advanced technology to contour your body.

By using this technology, River Aesthetics can safely deliver precisely controlled cooling, to gently and effectively target fat cells. These fat cells are crystallised (frozen), and then die. Over time, your body will naturally process the fat and eliminate these dead cells, leaving you with a more sculpted figure.

With 20 years of research and development, you can trust the CoolSculpting technology. It is an FDA cleared treatment that is administered by medical clinics only, including our renowned clinic for patients in Bournemouth. Fat freezing requires no surgery, no needles, and little to no downtime.

What Areas Can Be Targeted with CoolSculpting?

There are four attachments to the CoolSculpting machine. The use of each attachment depends on the area of your body that is being targeted for fat freezing. In Bournemouth, Dr Manning or Dr Woodward will explain how each attachment works in detail during a consultation.

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    Advantage +, Advantage, Mini, and Petite make up the four attachments, with each one specifically designed to hone in on chosen areas of the body, including the following:



    Flanks (Love Handles)

    Outer and Inner Thigh


    Our Process of Fat Freezing: Bournemouth Patients Are in Safe Hands

    Your bespoke treatment plan will be tailored to your specific needs and requests. River Aesthetics only perform non-surgical treatments that our doctors would undergo themselves. The initial stage of the treatment process will involve one of our aesthetic experts marking up the specific areas to be targeted, before applying gel.

    Once this is done, we will place the appropriate applicator on the desired area of your body. Controlled cooling then targets the fat cells, cooling them to the precise temperature at which they crystallise (freeze). CoolSculpting machines can reach temperatures as low as -11. However, the skin and surrounding tissues are preserved and remain unaffected by this process.

    Your body will naturally process and remove the dead fat cells following your treatment in Bournemouth. Fat freezing via CoolSculpting technology has demonstrated fat layer reductions, with full results expected to be evident after 12 weeks. 

    Is CoolSculpting Safe?

    Fat freezing is a non-invasive fat reduction treatment and it has a well-established safety profile. These systems are controlled cooling devices and are designed with built-in safety measures. In addition, our medical aesthetic doctors are experienced in administering treatments related to fat freezing. Bournemouth is one of many locations where we use this technology.

    How Long is Each Treatment?

    The length of treatment varies depending on the area(s) being targeted. Areas such as the abdomen, thigh, and inner arm take 35 minutes per application, but you may require more than one application per area when you undergo fat freezing in Bournemouth.

    Smaller areas targeted with the smaller attachments, such as chin, knee, and bra fat, will differ in terms of treatment time. However, as with larger areas, you may require more than one application per area. Our River Aesthetics doctors will discuss this with you during your consultation before any treatment begins.

    The Go-To Clinic for Fat Freezing: Bournemouth Patients Given Solutions from Global Trainers

    River Aesthetics is the centre of excellence for natural-looking treatments in aesthetics and wellness. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are advanced aesthetic doctors, as well as international speakers and global trainers. Many professionals across the country have been trained by our doctors, who are experienced in safely administering all treatments, including fat freezing. In Bournemouth, we provide aesthetic solutions as well as an educational approach.

    The philosophy of “science meeting nature” is one that is highly important to us, with natural-looking results being our focus. When undergoing treatment for fat freezing, Bournemouth patients will be at the hands of doctors that made their name on Harley Street in London. After becoming part of the city’s ‘little black book’ of aesthetic experts, River Aesthetics expanded into Hampshire and Dorset.

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    If you would like to book a consultation to discuss your suitability for fat freezing, Bournemouth patients can reach us by calling 01202 024060. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form.

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