TATLER: Innovation in eyebrow thread lift with RiverBROW

TATLER Innovation in eyebrow thread lift with RiverBROW - River Aesthetics

TATLER: Innovation in eyebrow thread lift with RiverBROW

Embark on a journey of revitalisation with River Aesthetics as we delve into the revolutionary RiverBROW treatment, a featured gem in Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2024 under the “Treatments on Trial” section. Co-founded by Dr. Charlotte Woodward and Dr. Victoria Manning, River Aesthetics showcases expertise that redefines the quest for youthful, lifted brows.


Dr Charlotte Woodward and Dr Victoria Manning, co-founders of River Aesthetics, stand out as premium practitioners in the realm of thread treatments. When addressing aging brows exhibiting signs of flattening arches or drooping tails, often attributed to volume loss in the temples, River Aesthetics signature RiverBROW emerges as the go-to solution.


RiverBROW’s magic lies in dissolvable polydioxanone threads delicately inserted into soft tissues. These threads act as an ‘internal scaffolding,’ meticulously anchored and tightened to reposition brows. Simultaneously dissolving over six months, they trigger structural collagen production, providing enduring support and tightening.


Beyond threadwork, Dr. Woodward and Dr. Manning may recommend toxin injections to prevent muscle pull-down around the eyes. In cases of significant volume loss, dermal filler injections might be applicable to restore architectural balance, ensuring long-lasting outcomes.


Under Local Anaesthetic: The procedure, performed under local anaesthetic, minimises discomfort. However, the sensation of threads beneath the skin might feel unusual.

Surprisingly Little Downtime: Slight swelling and minor bruises may occur at entry points, resolving within a day or two. Strict pre-treatment instructions, including avoiding certain supplements, contribute to optimal results. A thoughtful care package with important items like a supportive pillow, painkillers and chocolate are provided post-treatment.


Instant Transformation: Experience immediate gratification as brows reshape and the upper face subtly lifts post-treatment.

Continued Freshness: Collagen production gains momentum in the following weeks, ensuring enduring freshness that doesn’t require a reboot for an impressive 18 months.

Embark on a transformative journey with River Aesthetics, where RiverBROW takes centre stage, proving its mettle in the “Treatments on Trial” section of Tatler’s Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2024. Rediscover instant transformation with a treatment designed for lasting, natural results.

If you want to know more about the RiverBROW or to arrange your consultation, contact River Aesthetics by submitting a contact form enquiry or calling us on 0330 822 1825.

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