Alternative to EMSculpt

River Aesthetics was the first clinic in the UK and Europe to offer a new body sculpting technique – truSculpt® flex. As an alternative to EMSculpt, this treatment is an effective form of muscle sculpting and carried out by advanced medical aesthetic professionals Dr Victoria Manning and Dr Charlotte Woodward. The non-surgical procedure will tone and firm skin, providing patients a sculpted figure.

truSculpt® flex is an Effective EMSculpt Alternative

With the assistance of truSculpt® flex – an alternative to EMSculpt – you can guarantee long-lasting results. This treatment is ideal for individuals who wish to strengthen, firm, and tone their body. 

During a consultation with Dr Manning or Dr Woodward, we will discuss the changes you’d like to see, as well as the details of the truSculpt® flex treatment. This non-invasive procedure is favoured by Australian supermodel and businesswoman Elle Macpherson, who is a spokesperson for the Cutera creation.

The Best Alternative to EMSculpt

The results of this EMSculpt alternative are noticeable and won’t require you to spend hours in the gym. The benefits of this procedure include:

Tones the Body without the Hassle or Pain of Working Out

Tightens, Lifts, and Firms up Stubborn Areas of the Body

Delivers Results Which Cannot Be Obtained Through Workouts

Can Help with Back Pain and Improve Athletic Performance

Results Can be Obtained in Just Three Weeks

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    Where Did You Hear About Us?

    With this alternative to EMSculpt, treatments are entirely bespoke and can be tailored to the client’s specific circumstances, such as fitness level and body shape. It can be used to treat several areas of the body, including the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

    How Does truSculpt® flex Differ from EMSculpt?

    Unlike EMSculpt, truSculpt® flex is designed to sculpt and tone up to eight areas at once, and these eight areas can be treated in 45 minutes. The consistency of results is all but assured thanks to the addition of truControl® technology. As a result, truSculpt® flex treatment is far more effective than EMSculpt; able to deliver results in a short space of time.

    The device itself works by transmitting low levels of energy which produce intense muscle contractions. The process comes about through Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology and simulates the crunching, squatting, and twisting motions of exercise. truSculpt® flex can increase muscle mass on average by 30%, making it a better alternative to EMSculpt.

    The UK’s First Clinic to Provide truSculpt® flex Treatment

    River Aesthetics is the UK’s leading cosmetic medicine and wellness clinic that provides natural-looking treatments. As well as being skilled doctors, Victoria and Charlotte are also global trainers in multiple disciplines, teaching local and national industry professionals. Body sculpting is one area of aesthetics that we specialise in, providing an alternative to EMSculpt that not only enhances muscle strength but can reduce back pain.

    Our treatments and educational approach has resulted in River Aesthetics being awarded accolades from industry bodies. Dr Manning and Dr Woodward are also international speakers, and their knowledge of non-surgical rejuvenation has led them to introduce revolutionary procedures, including truSculpt® flex. We can safely say that there is no better EMSculpt alternative.

    In addition to body sculpting solutions, River Aesthetics provides treatments for the face and skin, as well as wellness. We have become a renowned name across the globe, with clinics based in London, Hampshire and Dorset. 

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