Vaginal rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation treatments are now available at River Aesthetics.

River Aesthetics is a UK Centre of Excellence for feminine rejuvenation.

Thanks to their renowned expertise, Dr Victoria and Dr Charlotte are also national trainers for Desirial, helping educate other doctors in the proper techniques.


Say goodbye to vaginal problems

A cosmetic treatment that restores and rejuvenates a woman’s most intimate area is now available at River Aesthetics.

Desirial is a revolutionary labial rejuvenation injection that works in a similar way to lip and facial fillers.

It boosts volume, reduces soreness, diminishes vaginal dryness and adds elasticity and hydration to the most intimate part of your body.

Whether you have functional or cosmetic concerns about your feminine area – perhaps following childbirth or the menopause – Desirial can offer real solutions to help restore your confidence and bring back your self-esteem.


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More information about Desirial

Desirial® is a simple, complementary and safe treatment that provides real comfort to patients during their everyday lives.

While this treatment is targeted at older women, there has been a recent rise in the numbers of younger women turning to surgery on their intimate areas. The most common reasons for the surgery are to ‘tighten’ the vagina after giving birth, or wanting to improve the appearance of the vulva. The treatment is usually performed in conjunction with a local anaesthetic cream to avoid discomfort.

For more information about Desirial the product, click on the images below or following link for the Desirial website: (this link opens in a new window).


How ageing can affect your vaginal area

Did you know that one in six women suffer from vaginal dryness and painful intercourse due to the menopause?

As women age, like many other parts of the body the vaginal labia majora (the outermost lips surrounding the vagina) lose their youthfulness and can become lax and somewhat deflated due to tissue volume loss.

Changes in this region can be compounded with childbirth and the menopause, leading to both cosmetic and functional concerns for women.

The vaginal area loses elasticity and tone in the same way as any other part of the body. This loss of tone can also lead to discomfort during everyday life. Chronic irritation can sometimes develop, which results in genuine discomfort during sexual intercourse, during exercise such as cycling, spinning, horse riding, and when wearing tight clothes.

The changes make women feel self-conscious about their bodies. For many women, having an imperfect labia majora is a source of embarrassment, especially during sexual intercourse, which can lead to a loss of self-esteem and a loss of libido.

According to Laboratoires Vivacy, as many as 80% of women entering menopause are affected by vaginal dryness, and about 50% of women completing menopause continue to experience vaginal dryness.

Desirial can be used to rejuvenate the labia majora, conceal the labia minora for a more symmetrical and proportional appearance and improve dryness.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is an essential natural component of the skin. It behaves like a sponge by retaining water and is responsible for skin hydration, suppleness and tone.

With age, HA is lost, leading to:

  • Thinning of the vaginal skin leading to itching, discomfort, vulvodynia (a condition involving chronic pain and discomfort of the vulva), dyspareunia (genital pain associated with sexual intercourse) and increased exposure to infections.
  • Hypotrophy of the labia majora with subsequent reduction in their volume, and thinning of the introital mucosa (entrance of the vagina). The ageing process is also characterized by fat loss and sagging.

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