Vaginal Rejuvenation


Much like the skin covering our bodies, vaginal tissues are susceptible to ageing and laxity. River Aesthetics offer a range of non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate both the female external and internal genitalia bringing confidence back to women particularly after childbirth and post-menopause.

Feminine Vaginal Rejuvenation

Our Vaginal & Labial Rejuvenation procedures particularly appeal to cosmetically inclined women who are really undertaking a head-to-toe approach to anti-ageing solutions, including addressing their vaginal health concerns.

Coupled with other factors such as hormonal changes; vaginal walls and tissues lose volume over time leading to reduced sensitivity & elasticity in the area and contributing to a number of issues.

Find out more about the vaginal rejuvenation treatments offered at River Aesthetics:

APTOS Vaginal Threads

River Aesthetics is the only clinic in the South of England qualified to offer this treatment. The procedure uses APTOS Nano springs thread technology to increase collagen production and create volumisation of the labia majora.


An innovative injectable hyaluronic acid formula designed to rejuvenate the vaginal area by treating discomfort, dryness, and chronic irritation.

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Desirial is a simple, complementary and safe treatment that provides real comfort to patients during their everyday lives.

Desirial can be used to rejuvenate the labia majora, conceal the labia minora for a more symmetrical and proportional appearance and improve dryness.


What are the medical uses of Desirial?

During menopause, oestrogen production decreases, the tissues of the vulva thin and dry out. This causes loss of elasticity and lubrication of the tissues, which can be painful or sore. It is possible to use Desirial to improve the volume, hydration and elasticity of the tissue. It can also be used to improve episiotomy scars.

How long does it last?

This is variable depending on the individual and can be anywhere from 6 to 12 months. This is dependent on lifestyle too, so if you are a cyclist or a horse rider the cushioning effect will not last as long, Due to the tissue renewal seen after treatment, subsequent treatments will require less product to achieve the same result.

Which areas can I treat?

Desirial can be used either in the labia majora, the to improve volume or inside the vagina on the posterior or lateral vaginal walls.

How does it work?

Hyaluronic acid is like a sponge and holds many times its own weight in water, so, by injecting it directly into the intimate tissues it improves the hydration of the tissue in this area. The injection of Desirial Plus to the labia majora brings the labia closer together, thus decreasing the amount of moisture loss.

Does it hurt?

This treatment is carried out using anaesthetic. Prior to Desirial treatment, a topical anaesthetic is placed inside the vagina, to completely numbs the area. For Desirial Plus to the labia majora, an injected local anaesthetic is used to numb the outer labia, so when the treatment is performed it is painless.

Should I have Exiles Ultra Femme 360 or Desirial?

The Ultra Femme is more appropriate for those with more symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, and also for those who wish to have more internal tightness. Desirial is more appropriate for those who have lost volume in the outer labia. In the case of vaginal dryness, both options can apply. Of course, it is possible to combine both treatments

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time
60 Minutes
Side Effects
Infection, bruising, swelling, soreness, asymmetry and allergy
Duration of Results
6 - 9 months
Back to Work
Full Recovery
7 days

Treatment Results

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Expert Comment

Dr Victoria Manning

“Many women suffer in silence with vaginal and urinary symptoms following childbirth and the menopause. Whether it is leaking when you exercise or have discomfort during sexual intercourse, We have many non-surgical treatment options available and as female GPs we can discuss these in a safe caring environment.. “

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