Ultra Femme 360™

Vaginal rejuvenation  at River Aesthetics

After childbirth or in our later years, many of us can experience issues with muscle tone and laxity in our intimate areas. This can cause embarrassment with sexual partners and an overall feeling of self-consciousness.

At River Aesthetics, we understand that for some, intimate health can be an issue and are excited to offer a non-invasive, no-downtime device led procedure to improve this condition.

The BTL Ultra Femme 360™ is a radio frequency, skin tightening device which delivers gentle heat in to the vaginal wall, encouraging blood flow to the tissues and increases collagen production for better skin quality, tightening the skin and toning the area. This fast, effective treatment offers minimal or no discomfort and one session can last as little as 8 minutes. A course of treatment is usually recommended; however, some patients have reported an improvement in their intimate area after one session.

Who is the treatment right for?

The Ultra Femme 360™ treatment is a great option for women who are seeking a non-surgical approach to improving the tone and elasticity of the vagina and the labia, those who have experienced childbirth or who are finding that as they age, this area may not be as toned as it once was, may benefit greatly from this procedure. To ensure you are fit and healthy for treatment, a pre-treatment consultation is requested so that your doctor can confirm that you are suitable for the procedure.

Does it hurt?

As the Ultra Femme 360™ homogeneously heats the area to be treated, you will feel a pleasant and comfortable heat. You may experience some slight redness and swelling around the treatment area but this will disperse after a few hours.

Is there downtime?

As the Ultra Femme 360™ is a non-invasive and comfortable procedure, you will not experience downtime following treatment and will be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately after each session.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, a patient will be advised to undergo between 3 to 6 sessions, a week apart. However, your doctor will advise you on the right course for your specific concern and requirements.

When will I see results?

Many patients notice results after one session. However, you will experience optimum results following a course of treatment and during the follow up period.

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