Bump On Nose

4 ways to transform your nose without a rhinoplasty

Bump On Nose

What can I do?

The nasal contours and the nasal tip define the character of the nose which is the reason why surgical reduction or alteration of the tip is still the most sought-after surgical procedure. However, surgery of this nature carries risks, complications and long recovery times, not to mention the unpredictability of the outcome in some cases.

Non-Surgical Option

These days more and more opt for the non-surgical nose reshaping with a special type of dermal filler, which has virtually no down time, minimal risks of swelling and bruising, as well as the ability to reverse the procedure if the desired result is not achieved.

Indications for non-surgical nose reshaping include: to correct asymmetry, to smooth contours of the nose, to even out bumps and depressions, to raise the bridge of the nose, to raise the tip of the nose,  nasal tip projection (for the tip to appear more pointed). View our Dermal Fillers page to find out more.

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