Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Tired Eyes

The junction between our lower eyelids and upper cheek is called the tear trough. Tear rough hollowing is one of the most tell-tale signs of ageing. The hollowing under the eyes can cause light to reflect in a way they appear darker and sallow, giving you a constantly tired appearance and as we age, they tend to appear darker and deeper.


Tear trough treatment is a popular procedure for tackling tired eyes. There are a few ways to approach the treatment of this area. Careful placement of a soft filler can disguise the hollowness, allowing light to reflect evenly from your cheek and not draw attention to your lower eyelids. ‘Eye Bags’ can also be disguised with artful placement of filler around but avoiding the eye area, as often it could be the loss of midface volume that leads to the appearance of these bags. For exceptional results River Aesthetics recommend using lower eyelid fillers.

Slide from left to right below to see a before and after.

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