What are they?

Thread veins are tiny, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin. They can give the face an older, flushed appearance. They can also be quite difficult to cover up, as they usually present themselves as dark purply or red lines on the face. Over time, and with environmental stress such as sun exposure our blood vessels lose their elasticity, causing them to break.


Thermavein® is a procedure designed to eliminate red veins, thread veins, red spots, spider veins and rosacea. River Aesthetics can achieve safe, long-term removal of facial veins with immediate results using this quick and relatively painless technique.

Thread veins can be caused by ageing, hormonal changes, sun damage, pregnancy, lifestyle and can even be heredity. There are a number of methods that can be used to treat facial thread veins, including laser, IPL and epilation. However, some of these techniques can have significant drawbacks such as risk of pigmentation and can also require multiple treatments.

By harnessing the power of heat energy caused by high frequency currents producing a thermal pulse, the Thermavein® uses a process known as thermocoagulation which seals the thread vein walls, causing them to instantly and permanently disappear. Your practitioner will introduce a fine needle covered with an insulating sheath, which protects the skin, over the vein enabling a targeted action and delivering the treatment with precision. Thermavein® is an exceptionally safe treatment that can be carried out on any skin type with instant results.

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What are facial thread veins?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins or telangiectasia are thin veins, which are close to the skin surface which have become enlarged, and hence visible and unsightly. There is no single cause for their appearance however, they can develop more with increasing age and can often be associated with hormonal changes. It is thought that there is a genetic tendency towards thread veins, but other environmental factors such as exposure to sun, exposure to extreme wind or temperatures, and certain medications are all thought to contribute/aggravate the condition. They are also associated with skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

Which areas are suitable for Thermavein®?

The treatment is suitable for use on the face with the nose, chin and cheek being the most commonly requested areas.

How long does it take?

The treatment takes minutes, and the vein will disappear immediately during treatment, so the results are instant.

Is there any aftercare?

There will be an initial redness in the treated area, but this should quickly fade on the day of treatment. On the second day crusting may develop at the treated areas, but these will settle within a few days. A concealer can be used on the scabs from the day after treatment, if required.

You must wear SPF50 after the treatment, avoid heavy exercise and active skincare for 48 hours post treatment.

When will I see the results?

The results can be instant however, some results may take up to 6 weeks.

How long do results last?

The results are permanent, although more than one treatment may be required to achieve optimum results. However, it will not stop new thread veins presenting themselves.

Can this be combined with any other treatments?

This can also be combined with IPL treatment to treat pigmentation and to even skin tone from generalised sun damage.

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    Natalie Barnes

    Natalie Barnes


    “The gold standard in thread vein removal, Thermavein® gives you long lasting results to remove broken facial capillaries caused by wind and sun exposure. Always remember your SPF!”

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